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Palestinian problemI seem to recall that Arafat and Abbas seemed to have survived for quite some time. The latter still does, and the former died as a result of natural causes. I also observe that the Palestinians themselves have become quite adept at liquidating the “leaders” of the different factions within their ranks. And I have always known that the Israelis have been quite adept at taking out terrorists of any stripe who threaten the safety of their people and national interests. As it now stands, the Palestinians are having a difficult time identifying a “leader,” defining their government, and converting anarchy into some semblance of a stable entity, be it labeled a dictatorship, theocracy, monarchy, democracy, etc. If the truth were known by the commentator of Mr. Kittay’s letter, a PA “leader” would be safer residing in Israel proper than in Gaza, notwithstanding whether he is a terrorist or otherwise. It is notable that the international community (U.S., European and other non-crazed nations) currently deal with Israel on an amicable basis, since it knows Israel; whereas that same community has alienated or divorced itself from the PA (Hamas), since it knows Hamas. Ergo, even were Hamas to finally designate a “leader,” he would undoubtedly be a “terrorist” if he supports the Hamas charter. He would be a marked man not only to Israel, but also to the aforesaid international community.Out of controlIt’s out of control. Illegal immigration must stop in this community. Employers need to start hiring documented workers. Please, for the rest of our sanity and well being.Way to go!I’d like to commend the town of Minturn Public Works Department, Joe and Arnold, all the guys, good job, as far as keeping the streets clean. I think it’s definitely a noticeable improvement and I live in Minturn. My name is Michael Boyd, and I think you’re doing a good job. Bigger, badderBeaver Creek. Please make your pipe wider. Please.Vail, Colorado

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