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Gate rageI came out of Bachelor Gulch tonight, out of Strawberry Park. I have to drive a half an hour to go up there and a half hour to come out of there. I’m only allowed in their gates at 7:30 to get to work at 8. I can leave at 5:30 and I supposedly get down at 6:02 p.m. At 6:02 p.m. they have a lot of Bachelor Gulch rent-a-cops acting like they’re high and mighty honchos, writing down my license plate numbers, asking for my driver’s license, and wanting to know my company name and who I work for, and the address I came from, and they were not very friendly. Anyway, I would just like to let you know that if you want me to come work for you in Bachelor Gulch, I believe you guys need to get part of the freedom of enterprise, because I refuse to go back. So whoever my contractor is, you can take a hike. I’m not coming back, and you get billed the full price.Eye in the skyNeither Arn Menconi nor Peter Runyon want surveillance cameras at the airport. Republican Tom Stone was interested in protecting the public, but the Democrats refused, as usual.Plucking grapesIt irks me to see people like Adam Aron bragging about going out on top, especially when, according to the article in the Daily, so many high profile people in Vail agree with him. I thought a CEO’s job was to build value for shareholders. Vail Resorts’ stock is up a bit less than 50 percent since Adam took over, or less than 4 percent a year. Intrawest stock is up about 65 percent and even the S&P 500 is up 60 percent in the same period. Vail Resorts’ shareholders could have done as well with a money market account. Lance went out on top, Adam. All you did was stiff your shareholders while you made millions.In circlesThe Tip about not exiting traffic circles from the inside lane when there’s only one exit lane is not quite the whole story. The real traffic circle rule as published in the Vail Daily on a couple of occasions says that the inside lane has the right of way. It’s the guy on the inside lane signaling to move into the outside lane to exit that’s a legal maneuver, and the people already in the outside lane as well as the people waiting to enter the traffic circle all have to yield to allow the person from the inside lane to move over. Get a gripMy response is to the person who called in “Good deal” and expressed their thoughts about the ban of smoking. Come on. You’re riding on the chairlift and you could smell the smoke from a cigarette before you? Did you really smell that cigarette? I don’t smoke, and yes, I find it disrespectful when someone lights up a cigarette just as you’re about to eat. You must have nothing better to do to release your anger to smokers. Did you just quit? Next time when you’re on the chairlift, enjoy the view, your ability to be able to be here, and quit blaming smokers for your own anger. You’re sucking in or smelling your own anger. Get a grip, and quit blaming someone else.Vail, Colorado

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