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They caught himFor the guy who almost got run over in the Avon roundabout about 9:30 on Monday morning. The police department caught the individual that tried to run you down up in Beaver Creek. You should call the Avon Police Department and let them know. They have a court date set for him later this month.Need for speedThis tip is for the guy that wrote in the paper about Edwards yuppies driving too fast on Highway 6 and how we should drive slower in the snow. If you’re going to drive so slow on Highway 6, maybe you should get a bike, and let us yuppies drive on Highway 6 the way we’re supposed to. I am stuck going 25 miles an hour right now, and I am calling to vent my frustration to the Tipsline.IndeedThe Feb. 1 Tipsline, “Battle for the mountain.” That’s exactly what it is, baby. You hit the nail on the head. It’s zoned for one house every 35 acres. I’m sorry the Ginn company can’t make enough profit off that, but we the people like to drive by and not see concentrated housing on such a beautiful piece of property.Vail, Colorado

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