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What securitySecurity at the airport is a huge issue. Not only in the terminal or around the runways. It’s biggest threat by far is the unmanaged parking. No one knows who’s coming, who’s going, how long they’ve been there, what’s in the car. Unbelievable that a facility like this does not know who and what is parked in their parking lot. I guess this is the expense of free parking. Not a wise decision. Once again, who’s running the show?At least thatThis is for Kaye Ferry. Kaye, as a former town of Vail board member, I think you need to realize the persons who serve on these boards are professionals who are volunteering their time to do a great service for the town. I think the very least we can do is give them a simple meal. Let it go.Um, your brightsTo all the people that have been driving for over 30 plus years that are used to cars that didn’t have 52 front lights on them with also blinding lights, too, and people that have had their eyes not fixed by lasix surgery and for all the handicappers out there that have to put their bright lights on with their 16 sets of other lights on, have you forgotten the rules of the road? When you pass people or when there’s oncoming traffic you’re supposed to turn your bright lights off. What is it going to take? Vail, Colorado

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