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Nothing like a bookI’m calling in response to Steven Sekelik’s article about the online learn to read Web site. I’m a technology teacher at a local school, so the article caught my interest. I thought it strange that the Daily would print this article that was practically a sales pitch for one specific Web site. Here are my thoughts: It is a great thing that Mr. Sekelik is helping his children learn to read and investing in that endeavor with time and money. There are many resources on the Web to use. Any parents who have access to the internet can quickly find several sites to help their children with phonics instruction. Many of these are free. My personal favorite is I use it with my own preschool children and up to third grade in my classroom with great success. However, what I really want to say is that no computer program will ever take the place of a good children’s book. Please take your child to the library often. Please purchase books for your children on special occasions, and most importantly, please sit down with your child every day and read a book together. The positive rewards of this can never be surpassed by a keyboard, a mouse and a screen.GeneralizationsI was reading the Wisdom from the Web on Thursday. There’s a comment about the Democrats in there. Hey, that’s what makes this country great. We’ve got the Republicans who don’t care about the environment who would just rather tear down the mountains and dam up all the rivers and create a little hell hole. And the Democrats and liberals who like open space, clean air and clean water. And the independents, I don’t know where they stand. But anyway, that’s what makes this country great. We can bitch, we can vote. But remember, if you don’t vote, don’t bitch.Way it is “Avon developer ready with more homes and shops; town leaders uncertain.” Town leaders uncertain. That’s not news. That’s pretty much a steady condition in Avon.Battle’s overThis is for the skier who thought they need to call snowboarders stupid. First of all, you need to get a clue. If it wasn’t for snowboarders, skiers would still be stuck with the same old equipment and clothing as they did in the day-glow days. More than half of this community rides, so you need to watch your mouth, OK? Because the day of skier-snowboard battles are over.More funI’d just like to share my tip for the day that some people ski and snowboard and usually the snowboarder is doing that because he’s having more fun. He enjoys himself more that way and thank you very much to everybody who enjoys the mountain. That’s all. We all own the mountain and you can’t touch this.Please returnCowboy Golf, one of the greatest backyard games ever. It belongs in Minturn at 342 Main St. Please return it as soon as possible. Otherwise the police will be notified, because it is stolen property. From August. Can’t do thatKnowing how easy it is to get the recipe for making methamphetamines over the Internet, how ignorant was it of your newspaper to list all the ingredients that you need to make it?Plowed overJust wanted to let the guy that plows Columbine North condos in Intermountain-West Vail know that we really don’t appreciate the fact that every time he plows he plows in our walkways and stairs. It’s a simple matter of common courtesy and realizing that there are other people in the world other than you. It doesn’t matter how well you plow the driveways if we can’t get to our cars and homes without first spending 30 minutes digging out our stairways and walkways. It’s just a little bit of common courtesy to take the time not to plow in our stairs and our driveways. I’m beginning to think you don’t like your job. So next time you plow Columbine North in Intermountain, please make sure that you don’t plow in our driveways and our walkways. This is Wade Wilson, West Vail.Thanks guysI just wanted to say thank you to the CDOT workers who have been out every evening this week patching the potholes on I-70. Those potholes cause a lot of damage, and when there’s one person who makes an effort to control that, we should give them a pat on the back. CDOT always just gets negative criticism. But it’s about time we give them some kudos. For localsTourists may be lukewarm on the bowling at Crossroads, but the locals are all for it. Let’s do something for the locals.Vail, Colorado

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