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Dumb callI’m calling in regards to “Baiting boarders.” I just wanted to let you know whoever called that in, I have lived here for over 18 years. I grew up here, I started out as a skier, and for them to call snowboarders stupid is absolutely ridiculous. Just because we have more fun on the mountain doesn’t mean they have to be jealous. That’s just the way that I feel, and my name is Tyler Custer and you can print that.Great studentsI’m calling in response to the Meadow Mountain parents who are starting a new charter school. One parent in the paper commented that she doesn’t want to send her kids to Avon Elementary because Avon just wants to “fix their numbers.” I’m a teacher at Avon, and have no desire to fix our numbers. We have a fantastic group of students who are intelligent, respectful and wonderful. I will be honored to have my own kids become friends with the kids at Avon. I’m glad you’re starting the new charter school, because we don’t want our parents to see the students at Avon as kids they don’t want to be with. For the comment about not focusing on curriculum at Avon. That’s ridiculous. How can you not focus on curriculum these days? We have a dedicated group of talented teachers and staff who work above and beyond every day to ensure that our students do learn the curriculum. I would like to guess that the parent making these comments has never set foot in Avon Elementary. Please stop by anytime, and I really am sincere when I say this. Good luck with your new school. You have a ton of work ahead of you. Good luck.But all those skiers … It’s good that Adam Aron is resigning because he’s done a lot for Vail, but he’s also caused problems. I’m 39 years here and when I can’t even get to work at my job because you sell a pass for $300 to the Front Rangers and then all of us have to put up with the parking and the traffic that’s going through, and even if you take the public transportation system, you’re sitting there not able to get to work on time because we’re having to deal with massive car issues, lined up and down the Frontage Road. Also, not being able to get off the interstate, not being able to let the people through the roundabout, all because why? The town of Vail doesn’t make any money off of this. They don’t even have the balls enough to charge the people on the frontage road. Oh, pleaseI just read one of the most comical tips to date. I never call in, but this one couldn’t be passed up. Attention. Attention. We have a security breach at the Eagle airport. Ahhhhhhhhh! Everyone run. Help yourselves. We’re all going to die. We’ve got a suspicious package. Is it a bomb? Is it anthrax? Is it smallpox? Is it a case of doughnuts? Quick. Get CNN. Get Fox News channel. We need to get footage. Boy, can’t you just hear Osama laughing? I can. When you’re deleting the masses, fear, the most effective weapon of mass destruction. You people need help.Needs helpThis is in response to “Burning ”em up.” In response to that, Joyce Mack, county assessor, now thinks she needs a personal assistant. It’s quite apparent she can’t handle the job herself.Yeah, yeahJust reading the paper and thought you might want to know. I’m trying to fly out of your airport. You certainly have a world-class resort, but your airport is a world-class joke. No way to get a cup of coffee. No way to get anything. You really need some help here. Off to IraqThis is in regard to Prince Charles’ son William preparing to go to the Iraq War. I hope President Bush’s daughters will follow this lead and do what, according to their father, is honorable, and that is enlist in the Army and fight for freedom. If the young ladies do join, I hope they don’t join the National Guard, because as some of us Vietnam vets remember that not all National Guards got assigned to the battlefront. A good example would be George W. Bush’s military record.Vail, Colorado

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