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On further reviewToo bad the Steelers were crowned champions by the refs. That touchdown by the Pittsburgh quarterback, that was no touchdown. But you know they had to give it to the Rooney family, so once again, pro football shows that sometimes the game’s been bought and sold. It wasn’t a good Super Bowl either way, but was there even a penalty against Pittsburgh? I’m a Broncos fan. Good beer commercials, though. I liked the Budweiser commercial about the streaker. Have a good day.Left is wrongRegarding this Wisdom from the Web entry: “Who really cares if Hamas does not want to talk to Israel? Neither of these countries care about us. They both burn our flag and trash our president. I say cut off the money and let them fight it out on their own!”OK, where do I start? When has Israel burned our flag? When has Israel “trashed” the president? Since when does Israel nat care about us? Their economy is all about us. For sure there is no wisdom here. What is really disturbing is that the Daily printed this. Just for the record, PM Netanyahu, at the time started reducing funding from the U.S., and if he were PM today their would not be the Gaza problem. Unfortunately, the Israeli left, just like the American left, is bent on appeasement which, as we have seen, is extremely destructive to a free democratic society. Get the facts straight next time.Who cares about tourists?This is in regards to your headline “Tourists lukewarm on bowling.” Who cares what the tourists think? We’re talking about our kids, and having something productive and constructive and not violent for them to do. I mean what are you going to do, put in a video arcade where they shoot at stuff? The bowling alley down in Eagle is constantly busy, and it’s a good way to keep the kids off the streets. You want them outside hanging out bored and anxious and smoking cigarettes? Well that’s what’s going to happen if you don’t put in a bowling alley. A bowling alley’s a way smarter idea than an ice rink. OK? Kids like to hang out inside where it’s warm when it’s freezing out. So forget what the tourists are saying. They’re only here for a week anyhow. Most of them would like to just drop their kids off for the entire week and then come back and get them so they don’t have to see them until they’re home again. So put the bowling alley in. Start tearing Crossroads down tomorrow.Vail, Colorado

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