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No comparisonThis is for the letter to the editor about “Wrong this time,” by Carol Goldstein. Your comparison of smoking to drunk driving is ignorant and really baseless. If you’re going to compare smoking and drinking, you have to compare all of the costs that are incurred by drinking, not just drunk driving. You’re talking kidney, liver, heart disease. You’re talking about wife beatings. You’re talking about domestic violence, violence against children, not to mention all the drugs that are related to bars and all that kind of stuff. You can’t compare smoking to drinking. There’s a huge, much greater amount of money spent on the effects of drinking than there are smoking. It’s a conspiracy. You have the great pub crawl promoting drinking, which causes nothing but sorrow and pain and broken families. How many broken families has a pack of cigarettes caused?Tired of itI’m calling on behalf of all the people that live on Eagle Street in Gypsum. We are getting very tired of speeders that come flying down our road. The speed limit is 15 by the cemetery and the average speed going through there is probably 40. There’s been a little boy that was hit, and nothing was done about it, and if the police wanted to make some extra money and hang out down here in an unmarked car, they could surely fulfill their monthly quota of speeding tickets. The neighborhood is tired of this.Don’t go inThis commentary by Arn Menconi, this isn’t even a second grade stunt. It ain’t even that good. The government has no right to tell a person what they can do in their own privately owned bars and restaurants, except to notify patrons what their policy is on smoking up front. If you don’t like smoking, don’t go in. If you don’t like it, don’t work there. The left loves to undermine the Constitution every chance they get, and I’m sick of it. Second-hand smoke is such a horrible thing, but it’s okie dokie to murder the unborn, right Arn? You are such a dope. The people in this country need to wake up before the left takes us all down. This is Steve Gazieken.Vail, Colorado

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