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Tip about tipsI’ve got a tip for the people who wrote letters or called Tipsline about the gratuity being included in one of the bills. Unlike your country, we only get paid $2.15 an hour and our 100 percent income is based on tips. And since it’s not your policy in your country, we feel like we should.Cut the brightsKudos to the person who left the Tipsline about driving with anything but just your headlights on to oncoming traffic. Remember the rules of the road. But more important, remember you’re not out there by yourself. Be polite, be nice, be courteous. Just approach cars with your headlights, not brights, and not all those other lights.Walking tourIf you’re a tourist staying at the Comfort Inn in Avon, don’t try walking to the Starbucks to get a coffee, because between the ice and the mag chloride, the gravel, and the condition of the road, it’s horrible. I can’t believe that the town of Avon doesn’t have enough money or people to take care of it. It’s the worst possible place for a tourist to try and walk and what a shame, because it’s such a beautiful day and such a beautiful town, and they need to get the Town Council out there and make them walk around to lunch maybe and see what needs to be done.Thanks!This is Mike up in Singletree. I was just wondering if you could go ahead and put something in the paper to give the big thumbs up to the local animal control officers. My two Samoyeds got out today and believe it or not were running down I-70. Thanks to some good Samaritans on the side of the freeway and diligent help by the animal control, I was able to get them fairly quick, and everything was great.Vail, Colorado

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