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Sure you haveI’m just wondering why the most dangerous part of I-70 in the entire country, Dowd Junction, the lights that were installed there a few years ago, why half of them are not functioning, and have not been functioning all winter long. How many people have to die before someone gets out and changes those light bulbs? Also, the new exit in Eagle-Vail, same thing there. I’ve seen a couple of serious accidents there because the street lights are out. It’s just crazy. …Oh, pleaseI often find Otto Wiest’s letters to the editor amusing and occasionally informative. However, his rantings against the Buddy Pass and how they will track up all the powder for all the tourists is laughable. First off, very few of the destination skiers can even attempt to ski powder. Secondly, the only days that we get high numbers of Front Rangers is Saturday and Sunday. I say thank God for the Front Rangers, as our economy would not look anything like it does without them. …Sled clubVail is not just about skiing, but also snowmobiling. If you snowmobile in this area, you need two things. One is a registration for your sled. Two is to be part of the local club, which is the Holy Cross Powder Hounds, and we’d love to have you join. Vail, Colorado

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