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Ease up!Recently at about midnight an Eagle County sheriff’s officer came to my neighbor’s house, knocked on his door and told him to move his car five feet forward because of where it was parked on the right side of the road, not impeding any traffic, not blocking anything, not on the street that says no parking, and to move it five feet forward it would have been blocking my truck in. My neighbor and I both have diesel trucks, which we need to park in front of our homes so we can plug them in. By doing what you’re doing and being as hard as you are on some of the residents in there as far as parking, all you are about to do is create a war amongst the homeowners there. It’s getting to a point now where people that don’t live on my block that park in front of my house, I’m just going to make it so they can’t park there. We’re going to put cones up, or we’re going to do something, or we’re just going to flat out tell them beat it, don’t park in front of my house, go park in front of your own house on the street. Ease up. No call for thatI missed the Tipsline about the person calling snowboarders stupid. To the person who called them stupid, there’s no reason to call them stupid just because you don’t agree with their activities. I went through that in the ’70s with medium long hair. You thought all you people with long hair were all freaks and don’t do diddly squat. Well let’s see, most of us are bankers and living and running the show, business owners and everything else. So just because you don’t agree with somebody, what they do, what their activities are, the way they look, as long as it’s not too ridiculous. But anyway, you can dress like you want, and as long as you don’t hurt anybody else, go for it. “Stupid” should not be used. I keep telling my grandchildren, nobody is stupid. People disagree and that’s what makes where we live great.For kidsI liked your online poll about what do you think of the proposed gay marriage ban. The whole thing is totally absurd, as far as I’m concerned. Why don’t we just marry farm animals, too? What difference does it make? Having a piece of paper doesn’t seem to make any difference. People get divorced constantly anyhow. It’s our new strictly commercial society pop culture we live in. Marriage is supposed to be for having kids. Otherwise, what’s the point in it?Vail, Colorado

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