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Quicker resultsI’m calling to express my disappointment that the entire results for the recent Beaver Creek Snowshoe Races weren’t printed right away. The Daily usually does such a good job of covering the B.C. Snowshoe Series and perhaps the Olympics takes precedence. But as a local that has done the races for several years, I really appreciate seeing everyone’s results, not just the top finishers, and I always cut them out and save them from year to year. Is there any way you could print the full results in the next week or so?.Smoking’s effectsI’m calling in regards to the smoking in public places and drinking in public places law that everyone’s talking about in Tipsline. Quite simply, the difference between smoking in public places and drinking in public places is that smoking directly, immediately, affects every single person who is around a person who is smoking. It has immediate health effects on it, and that is quite simply the difference between drinking and smoking. Not that drinking doesn’t have an effect, it absolutely does, but smoking in public places affects every single person around, and there’s just no argument about that.Vail, Colorado

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