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Where’s ELF?So King George, the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management are going to begin selling public lands to meet temporary budget shortfalls. Great land management there. Where’s the Earth Liberation Front when we need them?No fasterTo the person that was driving on Highway 6 last night when it was snowing so bad: I hope that the next time you try to pass me in the snow in oncoming traffic that you get a ticket. You didn’t get anywhere any faster to Beaver Creek than I did when I was sitting at the light. How rude of you to do that to somebody when the snow is so bad. …Language issueCounty Clerk Teak Simonton did a column about local elections to be held this fall. She will be one of the candidates. Voters would like to know whether she plans a repeat of the last election when she had ballots and other election materials printed in Spanish. How much extra this cost is unclear. In any case, why should a special effort be made to accommodate voters who are too lazy to learn the common language of this country?… ConclusionsThis is about Julia Parsons and Vail Resorts paying $92,000 in attorney’s fees to defend against Julia Parson’s suit. Isn’t it unfortunate that with $35,000 worth of medial bills Vail Resorts would spend almost three times that to defend themselves, and it’s obvious that they’re doing that because they’re guilty, as evidenced by the fact that they decided to rebuild the bridge because it was unsafe. I would also add that the skier season pass that waives liability for Vail is not a requirement of a daily pass buyer, so there seems to be some inconsistency there. …From transcriberTo those of you complaining about your tip not being printed, if your cell phone has an incoming call that is beeping out every other word, if you are standing next to a construction crane while you are calling in, if you are slurring your words so that I can’t understand you, and if you are talking too fast to comprehend, your call is deleted. Speak slowly, clearly and concisely, and make sure you are in an area where you have cell service before you call. Also, if you want your name spelled right, then SPELL IT OUT. Every time you call. That’s my tip. Thank you.Smoke vs. boozeYou smokers just don’t get it. If I choose to drink in a public place, I am hurting myself. If you choose to smoke in a public place, you are hurting me. Seeing thingsI drive skier shuttles and parking lot buses for Beaver Creek, and I can’t keep quiet any longer. Because every time I drive up Village Road, just above Willits Drive, I look up at the ski runs on either side of the main lifts, and I see him. He’s only visible from the lower part of Village Road. He’s facing left. There’s his head at the top, minus the ears. There’s his shoulders and torso, and there’s maybe an extra leg or two at the bottom, but that’s definitely his tail curving around on the right. So, does anyone else see him? I’m speaking of course of the Pink Panther. There, I’ve said it. Now the whole world can know. I’m feeling much better now.Vail, Colorado

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