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Give us a signOver the last six months, I’ve pleaded many times with the Colorado Department of Transportation to put up some temporary or permanent wildlife warning signs on Highway 6 through the Arrowhead area. Well except for piles of lip service, and I know how many elk and messed up cars I’ve seen on the side of the road, nothing’s been done. Anyone who drives that stretch of highway, checking both sides of the road every morning and every evening as I do, may want to waste their time and call them at 970-248-7023 to light a fire under them.Don’t want to knowWe need to start leaving this Arab Muslim stuff out of the papers. It’s not news, it’s crap. …Working hardMy name is Steve from Vail calling with an opinion on this Tipsline about the walking tour in Avon. Somebody needs to tell these people that us snow removal guys, and I’m one of them, have been working our butts off this year. If it wasn’t for the mag chloride and the gravel, you’d be walking through 10 feet of snow. So I think you need to give us a break, walk around the pile, walk around the ice, and have some consideration for us guys that have been working non-stop since the beginning of November.Proper papersThank you very much for the Vail Daily doing an article on undocumented workers. It will be high time when people in Eagle County stop hiring illegal aliens and hire documented workers. Please.Big whoopThis is a comment to the last couple of letters coming in praising the Eagle County commissioners for the work they did in Lake Creek. You know, these couple of letters were absolutely right. They saved the environment by stopping five houses from being built in Lake Creek. The 1,700 going in up in “Ginnturn” and the 1,000 going in to Brush Creek and the Gypsum Valley will have absolutely no effect on Lake Creek. The animals will survive just fine not having any migration corridors anymore. I was just wondering if we could maybe put the Eagle County commissioners up for the Congressional Medal of Honor because they have actually saved the environment in Colorado by stopping these five houses from being built, while allowing all this other development to go on that will have absolutely no effect on anything. Strange prioritiesLet’s see here. $1,000 for a skier ducking a rope, and $100 for a truck that doesn’t chain up on the pass and causes unbelievable back-ups. Is this right? I don’t know. Maybe our legislators need to make some changes in the laws.Not funny!I’m calling regarding the cap gun fight on Lost Boy segment under the Ski Instructors Confidential in the Daily today. I’m appalled by that story. I find it insensitive and unnecessary. That might have been humorous in days past. But by today’s standards, I firmly believe that is one segment that should have been left out of this column.Teach them wellI’m calling in regards to the person who called in “For kids.” How dare you try and tell a bunch of little children that homosexual marriage is the same thing as marrying farm animals. That is completely wrong. And also, the only point of marriage is not just having kids. It is about finding a lifelong partner and being with that person. If you choose to be with the opposite sex, that is your choice, but everybody else can make their own decisions and you need to stay out of it, and you cannot raise a bunch of kids to hate somebody because they are different. Why do you think there are so many problems with crime and everything that there is in the world today. Because we teach our kids to hate, and we teach them not to accept. If you want this world to be a better place, and you want our kids to grow up in a safe, happy environment, you need to start teaching them acceptance and tolerance.Use the busJust ringing to ask if you could put a big tip in the paper for the people that work in the village, particularly on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even this coming Monday, that if they are going to work, either catch the bus or make sure they give themselves plenty of time to get to work because we are sick of people saying that I had to go to work because the village is closed and full. Otherwise they’ve got to park in Lionshead. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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