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Skyscraper!I just wonder how many people realize that the Roost Lodge is going to be 70 feet high.Tiny spotThis is a comment about the “Preserve jewel” and they say that the wildlife experts, Bill Heicher and Bill Andree, who are protecting Lake Creek from development on the Palmerosa is going to preserve a bunch of wildlife. I’d just like these guys to maybe write something in the paper and explain how that’s going to happen when there are thousands of homes going in on either side of this valley that some people seem to think exists in a vacuum. They believe that all the water they’re getting is going to continue to come there even though 1,700 new homes are going to need it over in Ginnturn and thousands of homes are going to need it in the Gypsum Valley. How are Arn Menconi and Peter Runyon and Tom Stone protecting the environment if all they’re doing is protecting one tiny spot in the valley? Do you people not understand that the environment exists as a whole, that not only is it the White River National Forest, it’s all the forests in the state of Colorado? Do you not understand that building thousands of homes on either side of your little valley is going to ruin it? You think that the animals are going to be able to survive, but I have news for you. Most of these animals migrate. The elk migrate. The bears need tens of miles of area to survive in. The mountain lions need a huge amount of area to survive, and if you think that saving one little spot in one little valley is going to protect the environment for the whole state of Colorado, you’re ignorant and you’re stupid and it’s just pathetic.See bus accident?I’m calling to ask if anyone witnessed the accident on Highway 6 and the Vail Daily building on Jan. 30th between a school bus and an SUV. If you witnessed this accident, would you please call the school district number below and leave your contact information. A few people did stop and say that they had witnessed the accident, but were unable to wait for the police to arrive. I’m hoping those of you who saw the accident will call. Thank you for your time. Please call 328-2743 to leave a message.OopsIt was a hard lesson to learn, but now we know, there’s no style points in snowboard cross. Grace under pressure.Vail, Colorado

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