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After watching the Olympics and the catastrophe, I’ve talked to about 10 people who all say that freestyle snowboarding should be taken out of the Olympics. It’s not an Olympic sport. Alpine snowboarding, yes. Racing, yes. But not this boardercross crap, that’s X-Games. That’s not sports in the element of the Olympics.

Good morning, Tipsliners. You seem to be hell-bent on development. Why don’t you develop a working ranch with greenhouses, cattle, a dairy farm? Somebody’s got to feed them. Appreciate your development. Hang in there.

I’d like to respond to the Tipsline, “Runaway truck.” I agree with the caller about the crosswalks in Avon being dangerous. I’d like to add as a longtime resident, if you look up the track record of the town of Avon on pedestrian safety, they are on record, if you study the former Town Council meetings, the town administration, that pedestrian safety at the roundabouts is not considered a very high priority.

This is George Merritt shopping up in Eagle-Vail. I was calling in response to Tipsline about the gentleman complaining about the smokers. Please inform him to get a life. Thanks.

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I just had something for the Tipsline. I would much rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than drive in a car with Ted Kennedy.

I go to Vail Village to eat lunch. I get there and I’m told I have to park in Lionshead and ride a bus just to go and eat lunch. Vail Village has been behind the times in parking since I moved here 25 yeas ago, and anybody doesn’t know it probably should run for Town Council. That’s why we’re still 10 years behind the time on public parking.

Here’s a tip. How about ticketing all the people double parked at the top of the Vail Village parking structure on Presidents Day? There were at least four spots. Instead of issuing tickets for someone who is five minutes past their time. You’d make a whole lot more money that way.

I want to congratulate the county officials on their great management of the Eagle County Livestock Pavilion down at the Fairgrounds. I think our county government has become a little too bloated and bureaucratic. Maybe it’s time for a citizen’s initiative. We’ll immediately slash the county’s budget in half, and let them deal with that.

After reading this–

“Gypsum to research future traffic needs”

Don’t include any tax money for this “possible traffic solution!” We pay higher taxes than California now! And look we have to show for it. Gypsum allowed (still on-going) developments without foresight”let the town personnel or developers pay for it in full! NOT ‘we’ taxpayers…

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