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What’s the deal?I’m calling concerning the Avon police officers at Avon Elementary. I don’t understand why we can’t go in to the left side, they’re making us go all the way around. Also, I don’t understand why they’re harassing the parents instead of watching the speeders on I-70 going over the speed limit. We’re not convicts. We’re just taking our kids to school. I don’t understand.Missed pointThe tip is for Don Rogers. I’d just like him to be a little bit more concise and precise about what he says in his articles, like the previous Monday in the Vail Daily. He couldn’t pick a single topic to stick with. It’s environmental issues, then it’s terrorism issues, then it’s same sex marriage. I mean pick one thing and stick with it, buddy.IllegalWe have an immigration policy in this country. Anybody hiring undocumented workers needs to turn themselves in. Please, keep Eagle County free of undocumented workers. So muchI just want to say the condition of the parking lot by the Outback Restaurant is horrific. There’s snow banks 10 feet high. They need to haul that snow out of there. The parking for the handicapped is all blocked with big snow banks and there’s big snow banks piled up in front of the stores, so people have no place to park or it’s hard to get in there. The maintenance has been like that for a couple of months.Feeling picked onGood article concerning the U.S. Forest Service blaming environmentalists for the spread of the spruce bark beetle. Apparently the Forest Service has gotten in to the propaganda game now. Next thing the Forest Service will be accusing environmentalists of setting the Hayman Fire, the largest fire in Colorado history; for burning Los Alamos, New Mexico; for killing 14 firefighters on Storm King Mountain; and for proposing to sell public lands to make up for temporary deficit shortages. Oh, wait a minute, that’s the Forest Service and the BLM, I forgot. Sometimes patriots must defend their country against their government.Flag was greatI am calling to comment on the recent article on Hispanics in our schools. I want to thank the Vail Daily on the great photo they chose to run with the story. The students in the hallway with a huge, giant U.S. flag in the background was great. To me, it was saying we will help you with all we can, but remember, this is the United States of America.Trash heapedThe message is Lake Creek Village has an awful trash problem. They have garbage bags busted open in their streets, blowing into the wetlands. Fix the problem, please.Vail, Colorado

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