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Ban thatThis is in regards to the smoking ban. It seems to me that if I did not have a vehicle, then I would have the same argument as the non-smokers have against people who run their giant, gas-guzzling, carbon dioxide-emitting SUVs for 20 minutes in the morning while they have their cup of coffee before they go to work in the morning. So now I have to sit there and inhale all their fumes, which is exposing me to chemicals, not to mention destroying the ozone layer, giving thousands skin cancer, warming up the Earth, changing our weather patterns. So to me your argument about me polluting your lungs by secondhand smoke really doesn’t make much sense. Also, if you’re a local who lives in the valley in the summertime from June to about August, that haze you see in the valley is not haze at all. It’s actually smoke from forest fires burning all over the West. That smoke comes and sits in the valley, and you inhale it in and out. So which is worse, the cigarette smoke or the fire smoke? Oh, boyIsn’t it amazing? The west end flashing yellow light in the school zone on Route 6 in Eagle-Vail has been burned out in a week, and there’s the sheriff’s deputy, taking pictures of everybody heading west through there at 8:45 in the morning, and the light bulb doesn’t work. Only the east side works, not the west. That’s just disgusting.Worthless to youThis is for the person who broke into my car at Brett Ranch on Tuesday night and took my Serius radio and the change. Keep the change. Serius radio without the jack and without my code is worthless to you. So if you wouldn’t mind just setting it on top of the Volvo one of these days, return it. It’d be great, because it’s worthless to you and it means a lot to me.No waySince the order of wealth in Happy Valley is first Vail Resorts, second East West Partners, and third God, I see no reason why the poor people of Avon should have to kick in $3 million for a development company that has more money than God.Safety issuesWe are a group of people living at the Golden Eagle Apartments. In all the years we have been tenants we have never had our safety challenged as we have this year. More than eight people have fallen on the ice and snow on our sidewalks and streets. Just last week one of our tenants fell and broke an arm. We are so afraid to walk on the sidewalks that we walk on the grass.We have asked to have buckets of snowmelt for our apartments so we can distribute it on the sidewalks when the maintenance man and manager are not here. We have been told no, we cannot have it. We have been told we cannot shovel the sidewalks, curbs and between cars. All of these past years, after a snow, we have helped clean off cars and used our shovels.We invite anyone to come see what our street looks like. Shame on the county for treating us like this.Vail, Colorado

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