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I’d just like to say Bravo to Mike Feichtinger’s letter to the editor, “Wake up, Vail.” The whole BB&B thing was pretty much a joke, following in the path of the Ravinos that was nixed many years ago because people were having too good of a time and Vail couldn’t stand that.It all boils down to greed, and Vail is a greedy entity in this valley. They take away the right to recreate on your own public lands, and then they turn around and create some bogus spring break week or some sort of marketing crap and guess what? It’s funded by Coors Light. It’s sponsored by an alcohol company. Here’s a company that didn’t want alcohol on their mountain, said it was a problem, forced the event to be closed, and then has the gall and audacity to turn around and start a new event that’s sponsored by a liquor company. I mean, get real people, what do you think this is? All it amounts to is that Vail couldn’t sell $4 and $5 beers and overpriced mixed drinks to the people who partied in BB&B who brought their own alcohol, and Vail couldn’t stand the fact that they weren’t making any money off the locals.So they ended the party. That’s just another one in a long line of things that Vail’s doing wrong and needs to wake up. They’re killing their merchants. Vail Associates doesn’t pay its way in this valley whatsoever.The town provides the parking. The Frontage Road provides the parking. The danger from that is imposed on everyone who drives the Frontage Road. Who makes the money? Vail Associates. Who suffers? The locals. That’s the way it always is, and unfortunately until they figure out what’s going on, things aren’t going to get any better.How it worksI was reading the paper on April 19 and wanted to reply to “Oh those narcs.” For starters, no, they do not think the are DEA agents. They just have to follow the rules they are given in order to do their job right.If you work, then you know how that goes. Maybe you should try to stick to one pharmacist. Do you realize that there are people out there who abuse the medicine they are given to help the get better? So if they can’t read the doctor’s writing or if you were going to one pharmacist to another, then it might be a question of concern.Don’t get on someone for trying to do their job so they have a job to go to tomorrow. Besides they only squeal on the ones who are trying to get more then they are supposed to or the one who are doing wrong.So if the next time you do go to your family pharmacist and they have to make a extra phone call, they don’t mean to make your experience a bad one nor are they trying to give you a hard time. They are just keeping you safe and doing their job. So give them a break and try to be understanding.Bus timesI have a tip for the people who do the bus schedule for the town of Vail. The Sandstone bus the last three weeks ran every two hours, every 6:40, 8:40, 10:40, etc. Starting Monday, they decided to increase the bus schedule when the mountain closes for the Sandstone area, meaning it runs 7:10, 8:10, 9:10, 11:10, 1:10, 3:10, 4:10, 5:10, 6:10, 7:10, 9:10. That’s not ever two hours; that’s less than every two hours after the mountain closes, if the math is correct here.I don’t understand the Town Council on this decision at all. 8:10 is a lot better than 8:40 and 10:40. 9:10 would be nice to get on the bus in the morning to go skiing. I don’t understand the Town Council. All their decisions as far as bus scheduling, etc., I know is for a short time. But the bottom line this spring schedule would be much better for the participants using this bus than the schedule you’re currently using which ends on Sunday.Too youngI have a tip to the semi drivers who drive down I-70 and Dowd Junction. It’s posted 55 miles per hour. But yet on April 3, at midnight, a 23-year-old wasn’t injured but he lost control of his semi and he was hauling some fertilizer and stuff like that, but luckily it didn’t spill into the Gore. My meaning is he was 23 years old and shouldn’t be driving a truck with hazardous materials in it. What was he doing, 75 mph? My tips is to State Patrol: lower the speed limit to 45 and we won’t have semis possibly losing their cargo and ruining the pristine waters of the Gore Creek. The Gore Creek provides awesome fishing, but one trucker loses control and you can lose control of your fishing industry over here. One swipe, one bad truck, can create all kinds of havoc in the Vail community. Fishing is a great deal of our revenue in the summer. Believe it or not, the hunting and fishing industries provide more than skiers, so we need to look at this truck industry and get them into control.Flexible rules?Not long ago the Daily ran a headline that Judge Hart ruled 3D in violation of the Tabor Amendment to the state Constitution. Now Judge Hart is saying that as long as one does not intentionally or deliberately try to violate the Constitution, well what the … – that’s OK? What are you afraid of, Judge Hart? Do you have some kids or grandkids in the Eagle County schools? Judge Hart should provide Eagle County residents with a list of all laws which he believes are “flexible” and can be broken with impunity so that we know just where we stand.

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