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For the recordI wanted to call in a correction. A week and a half or so ago there was an article about two new runs at Beaver Creek in the Paulie’s Plunge area. Well, Paulie’s is actually spelled Paulie’s, not Pauli’s as printed in the paper, and I just wanted that to be on the record.Should revoteIt all just goes to show that 72 percent of the voters are brainwashed idiots. That’s all. Let’s have a revote. See if people want freedom.Gate doesn’t workBoy oh boy. Where do I start? I work for a small transportation company at the Eagle County Airport. I am absolutely appalled at this organization, or lack thereof. The secured lot gate has never worked, people in rental cars and every other car goes in the lot. What a mess. Security’s a mess. Traffic is a mess. The terminal is a mess. It’s all a mess. Wake up.New sportsThis is to the guy who was complaining about boarder cross beginning in the Olympics. I was just curious what the difference is between that and short track skating? Obviously you’re a skier.Rally for Toby?Now that the Olympics are over, I’ve been looking at the paper hoping I’d see something about a homecoming reception for Toby Dawson. He certainly deserves one, and I don’t know if anybody’s planning to do something. I surely think this community should rally together and put on something for him.Scoop, pleaseWhat a beautiful day for a walk along the bike path in West Vail. Beautiful blue skies, sunny weather and warm temperatures, and lots of dog feces. Please be a responsible dog owner and pick up after your dog! Safety firstRegarding children falling off chairlifts, point one: Maybe operations for Vail Resorts isn’t as forward-thinking as they need to be, especially over a roadway. You’d think some kind of net would have been a no-brainer. Second of all, maybe it’s time that we stop telling our guests that it’s OK to leave their brains at home.Great workI know most people call the Tipsline to complain, but I actually called because I have a compliment. CDOT has a lady working for them that I see out on the road every single day. I drive Highway 6 & 24 from Leadville to Edwards a couple times every day. And every time I go by, she’s out there filling out the potholes, or straightening out signs, or digging in the ice with an ax to get the water off the roads. I’m just really impressed and I think CDOT should be really proud of this young lady. … She’s doing a good job. Keep up the good work!No smoke thereThis is in response to Chris Salmon’s letter to the editor regarding the anti-smoking industry, as he refers to it. He is forgetting the fact that it was noted by the citizens of Eagle County not have a smoking ban in restaurants and bars. It’s not Arn Menconi doing it. It’s not the anti-smoking industry doing it. It was the citizens of Eagle County, the majority of whom voted to have the smoking ban.Vail, Colorado

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