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Awesome jobI just wanted to respond to a Tip and basically say that the snow removal service at the Chapel Square parking lot in front of Outback has been phenomenal. The walkways are spotless and are quite large. In the parking lot, although there are piles of snow, this is the Rocky Mountains and the snow has got to go somewhere. I think the service there has been phenomenal, and I just want to negate somebody’s complaint about it.OutstandingTo the Vail Valley taxi driver in the blue minivan, you’re an awesome person for stopping, risking your life and getting ahold of the dog that was running loose on I-70 just east of Eagle. You stopped, waited and called the Animal Control, and that dog is alive because of you. Thanks.Step upI sure wish Elizabeth Chicoine would run for the Eagle County School Board. We need an independent thinker who sees the school district for what it really is, unlike the gullible sheep who swallow every piece of selective garbage that the administration feeds them. We need a board member who recognizes that the superintendent and his gang are the board’s employees, not the other way around.Saw a catI think Eagle residents should know that a cougar was sighted in the Eagle cemetery area on Monday. It’s real close to where the kids are walking, plus real close to where they’re walking their dogs.Speed demon This is for people going at or below the speed limit on I-70. Get … out of my way.Vail, Colorado

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