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Got himA week or so ago I was heading to Eagle to drop someone at the airport, and an 18-wheeler wasn’t happy that I didn’t get out of his way quick enough, tried to run me off the road. It was snowing and slushy at the time, hard to see, and I was lucky to get out of the way. After the incident, I called 911 and reported a road rage situation. I was right around Wolcott at the time, and by the time this truck got to Eagle, the sheriff’s deputy had this guy pulled over just past the Eagle exit. I want to say, first of all, if you are in a road rage situation, don’t hesitate to call 911, and secondly, I commend the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office for being on top of their game and responding so quickly. I hope that truckers in the future are forewarned that if they try to cause an accident or run somebody off the road, they’re going to be pulled over and fined.Connect it allI think it would be cool if we got Copper into the mix and we had the gondolas and lifts and everything connecting, and then from Adventure Ridge we could have a water slide that goes all the way to the now-owned Glenwood Hot Springs, too. That would be cool.Not that difficultThis is a message to the person who almost hit me in the Vail roundabout. If you are coming into a roundabout and you see a yield sign, that means that people in the roundabout have the right of way, so please pay attention. It’s not that hard.And countingWe have a sorry individual coming from Forest Glen, East Vail, to the end of Nugget Lane, East Vail. We have a sorry individual with his dog, and he is down at the end of Nugget Lane. My neighbor told me 10 different areas of droppings. Ten. That’s unacceptable. I saw two or three the day before. He never picks up, several have seen him, and this is a direct invitation to him to pick up, keep your dog at home, stay at home where you belong, up the street in Forest Glen, because pictures have been taken. Safety tipVail Mountain safety tip for the week. Spring is here. Conditions may vary greatly throughout the day. Watch the info boards at the base of the lifts for areas closed in the mornings due to hard conditions. Ski and ride on groomed trails in the morning until conditions soften in the afternoon. Snow can be very hard and firm in the morning, but softens up by the afternoon. Be aware, be careful, spring is here. Have some fun.Great pay, for what?I would like someone from the county or the Sheriff’s Office to explain how an administrative secretary made over $90,000 last year. I’d like to know how much of that is regular time, how much is overtime, and I just think that’s absurd that someone makes that kind of money in that position. I left this message, apparently on the wrong number the other day, so if this is a duplication, I just want an explanation on how this happened. Somebody in the Sheriff’s Office is not paying attention to what’s going on, and I guess that should fall on the shoulders of the sheriff for not paying attention.Stop itThis is for the sledders that like to hang around and tromp around on all the jumps in the Vail terrain park. Please quit it. It makes it a lot harder if you ruin all the landings on all the jumps. So it would be really nice if you’d quit sledding. Snowboard in the daytime, sledding’s out of style. Thank you. Vail park crew.Too cruelI’m calling about the picture on the Vail Daily of the young boy who lost the basketball game, crying with his mother hugging him. It’s also, again, completely insensitive, and do you have no idea what it’s like to be a 17-year-old kid and have a picture of yourself crying and hugging your mother, that everybody in the town you live in is going to see. I mean, how do you think that made that kid feel? Do you people just not have any care whatsoever about how that made that boy feel? Not only did they lose that basketball tournament, but now he has to live with the humiliation of being seen crying that all his friend are going to see. I mean it’s just cruel, and I can’t even imagine you’d do something like that.Vail, Colorado

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