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Funny concernI find it interesting that 30.6 percent find illegal immigration the biggest concern. Have these people not looked at the help-wanted ads? Maybe I’d encourage the voters to get maybe a first, or even a second job.Too painfulWhoever made the decision to put the Battle Mountain basketball player on the front cover of the Vail Daily obviously has not raised children of their own.Big slide woesWith regard to the slide at the Avon Rec Center: It seems unfair that the only criterion to be allowed on the slide is height, which is 4 feet tall. There are plenty of under-4-footers who are expert swimmers winning medals in summer swim meets who want to go down the slide, but aren’t allowed because of the height restriction. On the contrary, there are plenty of 4-plus-footers who would drown in their own bathtub who are allowed on the big slide. The height is fine in general, but if a shorter kid would like to go down the slide, and can prove they can swim the length of the diving pool, than they should be allowed on the big slide.Change the bulbsGot a tip for the guys who replace the light bulbs on Dowd Junction. It’s really frustrating that one out of every five lights work, so all it does is ruin your night vision. Either fix them or just take them down. I don’t understand why we can’t put light bulbs in the things. Just my thought. Thanks.Lucky to have himThanks for the great coverage on Vail Resorts. Cannot think of a better individual to move up in the organization than Bill Jensen. He is a class act and we’re lucky to have him.Investigation neededDear Mr. Miller and Mr. M.Z.: Please get off your lazy asses and from behind the back of your desk and do a thorough investigation. Use the Freedom of Information Act to get the report from the Town of Avon. Why don’t you do some interviews of the Town Council members and find out why they don’t want to release the report. Get the report on the child’s behavior from Meadow Mountain and Avon Elementary School. Interview other teachers and administrators. Talk to the victim’s parents about the assault. It was not a scuffle.Editor’s note: The law protects such information about juvenile cases being made public.

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