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This is a pro-Roger Brown tip. Please don’t back out of the race, Roger Brown. We don’t need another Republican commissioner in Eagle County, and we don’t need a Democratic Commissioner. We need a smart commissioner. Someone who loves the mountains, someone with strong local knowledge who’s creative and insightful, someone who recognizes and understands local relationships and trends. Someone who’s willing to think out of the box to try to find solutions to problems of increasing complexity.Most importantly, Roger, we need someone who will not be afraid to stand up and make the kinds of decisions that will be necessary to protect our mountain valleys from the ruinous force of continued sprawl and urbanization. The business at Eagle County is not just business. It is much, much bigger than that. We need someone like you, Roger Brown. Hang in there, man.Savages!This is a reminder. Never leave your abandoned car on Highway 6 down by the trailer park. Savages have busted out all of the windows on a Honda Accord, windows, taillights, everything. Back windshield. Wow. By some folks that are living in our glorious little trailer park there, so remind me, if I ever break-down there, do not leave my car there.Ditch the lightsNow it’s March 6th and I would really love it if everybody in Homestead shut off their Christmas lights, along with those people in Wildridge. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and they should be fined by the homeowner’s association.Vail, Colorado

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