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ImpressedNew VR boss Rob Katz, base salary set at $815,000. Man, that’s a whole lot of money.Rule of 10Hey, now that spring is here, can we all agree that there’s enough sand on the road to handle the next snowfall? We know there’ll be more snow, but the March sun usually sucks it up while the gravel trucks are still running around. And by the way, do we really need sand and magnesium chloride on the side streets? The reason we love the winter is the white snow, not this black stuff. Vail Village looks like a toxic waste dump with magnesium chloride residue. To those in charge of roads, if you’re not concerned about the environment, you should be. … If 10 visitors refuse to return to Vail because of the looks of the village like it is now, and these 10 tell 10 others, and then well, you do the math. We may run out of visitors one of these days to support our lifestyle. Please call your congressman or representative and let them know how you feel, if you feel this way.Irony unappreciatedPlease, no American flags on your import cars. Thank you.Where’s the dirt?I’m at the airport and I just read your article on the airport. I normally appreciate your paper. That is probably the most pathetic article I’ve ever read. Poorly written, no information, confusing information, you ought to send that writer back to square one. He captured nothing of what’s going on and absolutely left me more confused than I was before. Very poor journalism.Grinch speaks upNow it’s March 6 and I would really love it if everybody in Homestead shut off their Christmas lights, along with those people in Wildridge. It’s absolutely ridiculous, and they should be fined by the homeowner’s association.Worker beesWhile Adam collects his almost $3 billion bonus, and Mr. Katz moves over 100 Vail Resorts employees to the Front Range so he doesn’t have to relocate to Vail, we have ski patrollers earning between $9 and $12 an hour who saved lives of many and provide safety to all who ski on our mountains. More articles on the ski patrol, please.Too much ChristmasThe residents of the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Gypsum are getting upset. Since it is March, they would like it if the walking-the-dog people who live next to the cemetery would unplug their Christmas lights that have been on 24/7 for months. …Too muchThree letters to the editor, and all of them about CADS. You guys ought to send an advertising salesperson to Walter Dandy and get him to buy some space. Vail, Colorado

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