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Sees it differentJust read your article on the airport. You’ve got to be kidding. If you’re not going to write the news or a legitimate article, why bother? Absolutely ridiculous. The issues at the airport don’t have anything to do with outgrowing the facility. It was poorly designed, poorly planned, and poorly managed. The people who are running this organization are definitely the problem. Absolutely the worst organized mess I’ve seen.Stepping upI would like to thank Craig Warner, the tennis pro at the Cascade Aria Health Club. I went to take some cardio tennis lessons and they were cancelled and he stepped up and gave me a private tennis lesson. I appreciate that kind of service and he should be commended for that.Requirements?In the Eagle County School District school newsletters, it states that a new enrolling student “must have” a valid birth certificate and a U.S. Social Security number to enroll in our tax-funded public schools. … What exactly happens if a new student does not possess either one? Maybe the school district can explain what loophole there is that costs legal American residents a whole lot of money ($10,000 per child per year in ECSD) for every student that is in violation of the above-mentioned “requirements.”Autobahn manThis is to the speed demon. Let’s start a petition together and get ourselves a true German autobahn.Vail, Colorado

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