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Lights’ outI wonder if anyone has realized the East Vail exit lights on the off ramp are out. They have been for a week, and I was wondering if somebody could fix it. When on a call?I was just wondering, since when is it OK for an Eagle County sheriff’s deputy driving a marked county vehicle to run 85-90 down I-70 when the speed limit is posted at 75 mph?Just curiousI was just curious why Vail Resorts is trying to swap some land with the Forest Service. It’s already been bought up in the Sylvan Lake State Park. The area south of Eagle is already in a state park and it’s already state land. So I was just wondering if you guys could find out why they’re able to trade land that’s already state land. There’s your tip.Editor’s note: The land in question near Yeoman Park actually is private.Too muchSo it looks like letters to the editors has now become just free ads for the CADS department.Land of immigrantsYou folks who complain about the immigrants, could you maybe ask your ancestors, if they’re still living, where they came from? I’m sure it’s not in this country. And yes, the Avon Library is still accepting food donations. There are still hungry people out there. After meI’m just reading the Tipsline about the guy in the red suit who wouldn’t let the ski school class alternate. I don’t know why instructors think that they can just ski up and mix right in after we’ve been waiting over 20 minutes in line and just because they have blue jackets on, they get to take their group in. I always tell them they can alternate, right after me. Appreciate it.Explain thatI agree with the Tipster about “Great pay for what?” The administrative secretary made over $90,000 last year? I think the sheriff needs to do some explaining to us people paying tax dollars. …Vail, Colorado

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