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Dear step-children and all other whiners of the Eagle-Vail Property Homeowners Assoc-iation. Your whines and concerns have been heard. Quite frankly, your bitching about the half diamond interchange is nothing but pure nimby-ism.

Obviously, as an Eagle-Vail property owner, you had no future vision for your area. Once the STOLport closed down 10 years ago, red lights should have been flashing in your brains for fear of future development. I just love to laugh at mountain community property homeowners who buy in settings thinking that growth will not affect them, once they’re sound and secure in their little shack in the mountains.

That ideology once worked about 150 or so years ago, not so today. In our ever-consuming thirst for more, more, more, we as servants to what Mother Nature provides on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis can only hope that the basics of economics will sustain our greed.

Residents of Eagle County need to wake up. Development and the arteries of growth that follow in the wake are indeed a clear and present danger, if that’s how you would like to perceive it as such.

As High Country residents we need to face our fears head on and face the consequences of development as a hurdle in a track race. That’s all this is, really. A continuum of hurdles with a series of finishes. The winners are those who find ways to clear the hurdles and at least finish the race.

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Sure, there will be more competition down the road and winners and losers as well. The fact of the matter is that as residents we need to step up to the plate and taste ample servings of the crap we all helped concoct as dwellers of an ever-consuming and greedy society.

Once we have sampled the not-so-tasty morsels of our actions will we then begin to see the light. The bottom line here is if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, move on.

Making it up

You continue to refer to The Eagle-Vail interchange as unpopular. It might be a good idea for you to check with the commissioners who voted to proceed with the project to find out whether they’ve gotten any feedback from Eagle-Vail property owners and what the feedback was.

Sometimes you might try asking the right questions and reporting the answers whether or not those questions or answers are consistent with your continuing efforts to divide the community. It’s unfortunate that you seem to have adopted the journalistic approach that it’s necessary to divide the community in order to be able to report newsworthy strife.

As a general question, does your newspaper really feel that public safety decisions can or should be vetoed by a majority of about two dozen people who can think that they are impacted by what safety engineers have determined is necessary to prevent death and injury to others? That’s a pretty remarkable position.

True American

I’m calling in regards to Mr. Acosta’s letter in the paper calling people cowards who call in and let people know what’s on their mind in your Tipsline. Most of the Hispanics that I know in Eagle County and anywhere else are just like the one who wrote in the Tipsline, and the initials were M.A., and you entitled it “Sad to see.”

I don’t know why it’s sad to see. I think M.A., whoever M.A. is, is a true American. They are Hispanic, but they are American. Their ancestors came from Mexico, they work hard, and they did not accept freebies which is stated in the article. Look around and see what’s going on.

I’m tired of paying three times what I’m supposed to pay at the hospital because other people are riding on my shoulders, and I’m tired of seeing everything else, and I’m not going to go into it. But you know what?

All the Hispanics that I know are sick and tired of illegal immigrants, any race, color or creed, and nobody, but nobody, accepts freebies that are Hispanics that I know, and I know well over hundreds of them, and they’re all my neighbors and they’re all my friends. They’re all like aunts, uncles, grandparents and brothers and sisters to me. But you know what? I cannot stand undocumented workers, no matter what color you are and where you come from.

And Mr. Acosta, sticks and stones will break my bones, but nobody is going to burn my house down because of my opinion. And I wish you luck.

Got name wrong

You had a misprint. It was Jody Caruthers, and you printed Jody Mack on there, and that’s her competition, Joyce Mack, so correct that please.

Raises on way?

Since Vail Resorts put off the October raises last year because of a foreseen bad ski season, are they going to move up their raises this year since they just had a great third quarter? I’m calling on Adam Aron and Andy Daly to do the right thing.

Also, are Wal-Mart and Home Depot going to bring in employees from other stores or other countries?

Used to be

What a tragic and saddening letter to read on Monday, June 3, “Who are you,” written by Lisa S. Tillman, Eagle-Vail, also from Texas, on how she fell, hurt her arm, nobody even asked her if she was OK. Lisa, you have to realize what has happened to Eagle County since the “80s when you first moved here. We have nobody who are taking jobs here now from the United States, and if they are, they’re someone who have been raised in front of a TV. There are very few nice, good-hearted people left in this community. They all left because they don’t want substandard wages and they do not want to live with eight other people in a little garage, or four other families in a little one bedroom house. The only people they can get for that are people that don’t belong in this country. A lot of people are not coming to this community to spend their vacation money.

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