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This is a tip for the Vail Daily. The next time you’re throwing a party, call Steve Pope, because he’s an animal on the dance floor. It’s 11:30, the man is out there dancing by himself. Steve Pope, call him the next time you’re having a party.

Earned his pay

No more Ingstad bashing. Ten years ago, this county had a different pay scale for the county manager and we were running $3 million in the red. Jack Ingstad has pulled us out of that and made us the best-run county in the state. I think he deserves every penny he gets paid.

Out of touch

How out of touch can one guy be? Nobody is suggesting that all the people in town isn’t great. We just want a safe place for them to park, and the rest of us want to be able to get in, as well. Maybe Phil Long has either been wasting away in Margaritaville for too long or he’s on the VA payroll.


I just wanted to give congrats. to Mike Feichtinger in Friday April 18’s paper. His letter to the editor was awesome and completely on track. My name is Lisa Wisinski and I live in Vail.

Should feel insecure

I read Allen Best’s article on “Mexican music.” How dare your writer make mention of the fact that these illegal alien “immigrants,” as Allen calls them, misuse of the word, are lonely living here and missing Mexico? This is something we should feel bad about, people lonely because they chose to live here illegally? So let’s promote concerts for them? You have got to be kidding. This story should be about how illegals have to hide, living on the run from the INS.” Worse yet, your writer talks about the illegal aliens feeling insecure and vulnerable because most are here illegally. They should feel insecure, waiting to be immediately arrested and deported because they are illegal aliens, breaking our constitutional law! What kind of future do our children have in the United States? What is happening to Medicaid will happen to everything, folks. Look at your local legislators in Colorado at, see how they feel.

Sales tax variety

I’m calling in response to a letter to the editor published regarding sales tax in Vail. I would sincerely appreciate it if the Vail Daily would investigate and publish some sort of research on the sales tax rates in the area and compare those sales tax rates in the area. I believe Vail is comparable to Avon and to Eagle and even a little less than Beaver Creek. I might be mistaken, but I believe that to be true. I also believe that in Denver there are a couple of malls where you have the privilege to purchase things for an even higher tax rate.

Eye of beholder

Isn’t it funny how we all see things differently and isn’t that great? For instance, Mr. Rogers did a scathing article about Fox News and praising CNN. I personally love Fox, and still think of CNN as the Clinton News Network, which to my view is extremely slanted left. Judy Woodruff and her hubby practically had apoplexy when the war moved along so smoothly after predicting major casualties and a long drawn-out war would certainly be the outcome. News preferences are like beauty, they are in the eye of the beholder.

Morning mag

Tuesday morning, on my way to work, more mag chloride on the highway, not a chance of snow anywhere. That’s just beautiful. We ought to try putting some of that in CDOT’s coffee mugs and see how they like it.

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