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Props to road crewsMy name is Steve in Vail. I’ve got a comment on the people complaining about too much sand on the road. They’re not complaining that they’re not getting stuck on the streets and everything, they can get out of their driveways. I think the people need to give the snow removal guys a break. They do their tests to make sure Mag. Chloride isn’t ruining everything. Yeah, it’s a little hard on your car, but so what, wash it off. It’s not that big of a deal. The road crews are doing a great job this year. I think they need a pat on the back, not a slap in the face. Thank you.Toby, not BodeWhat is wrong with our town? We have a young man raised in Vail who won the bronze medal in the Olympics, and in the window of the Colorado Ski Museum is a poster of Bode Miller. I don’t get it.Forever ChristmasI’m a Gypsum resident and I’m replying on March 13 to your paper on the same date regarding too much Christmas. For one, I live over by the cemetery, have never known that we were the residents of the Cedar Hill Cemetery. Thought we were residents of the town of Gypsum. Second of all, “Walking the Dog,” they have totally done amazing things to their landscape, and its better than driving by people who leave abandoned cars parked on the road and leave trash in their yard. These guys have made a very nice yard for themselves, and Christmas lights aren’t on 24/7. If the only thing these people have to gripe about is Christmas lights, they really truly need to get out there and look at other things, like world hunger, drugs in our schools. I mean worthwhile things, not Christmas lights in March. Especially when you look at Avon, Beaver Creek and Vail and there’s Christmas lights every night because they’re all over the trees.Driving tipThis is a little tip for the people in Matterhorn who are turning from East Matterhorn Road onto the South Frontage Road. That little lane for Donovan Park is a great acceleration lane for you, rather than turning onto the slippery, icy South Frontage Road and slowing down all the traffic behind you and causing a potential accident. So when you turn onto South Frontage Road, use the acceleration lane for Donovan Park. Also, use your blinkers in the roundabouts. See ya.Money mattersMy name is Greg Douglas. I’d like to leave a tip. Vail folks are wondering what to do with their $7.7 million. Why don’t you try and turn around and give some of it back to the community, buy books for the schools, do something nice for the seniors down at the senior’s center. I’m sure there’s lots of good things that you can do with the money if there’s anything left after the raises you all are going to give yourselves. PrioritiesThe residents of the Cedar Hill Cemetery area probably should be more concerned about having cars, trucks and other junk removed from their yards than the Christmas lights or walking the dog people on Eagle Street at the Cedar Hill Cemetery. Vail, Colorado

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