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Moronic lawThe smoking ban is moronic. I just walked into Bob’s Restaurant and I noticed about 100 butts in the flower planter and about 50 or so on the deck within 10 feet of the door. The town of Avon doesn’t have the manpower to enforce this law, or the resources to clean up this mess. Why doesn’t Big Brother take some responsibility and write a piece of legislation that makes sense.No card for youI’m a resident of Eagle-Vail or the Avon area and I recently applied for a Vail Public Library card. I’d like to reinstate the concept of saying Vail PUBLIC Library. I work in Vail literally two blocks at the most from the Vail Public Library. They denied me a membership because they said I was not a Vail resident or basically a seasonal person in the area. Due to the limited collection, I was unable to attain a Vail Public Library card. I do have time off of work. I work early in the morning at my office and I also return to the Eagle-Vail/Avon area past 6 o’clock most nights. It is very convenient for me to walk over there in my free time and check out a book that I would like to obtain for no set amount of time, and yet again I was denied. I think it is very asinine a public library would deny somebody that doesn’t have a residency but yet works in the village on an annual job, not seasonal, who is a registered voter in the area, their vehicle is registered here, they have a home residence here, as well as a valid driver’s license in the area. So I thought I’d point that out due to the fact that it’s more of an elitist town than I expected, and I do work there.Like that talkKudos to Mr. Roger Brown from Gypsum for his recent knowledgeable letter to the editor questioning Wolcott Reservoir. … How about an opinion on the recent fiasco concerning private property land-use rights in Eagle County, Mr. Brown? Keep ’em coming.Our course needs workI saw your article today about the new golf course superintendent at the Vail Golf Club, and while I think it’s admirable that he went down to New Orleans to help hurricane victims and hurricane-influenced golf courses, I think he should be spending more of his time at the Vail Golf Club, which quite frankly had a hurricane hit it last year. I think the Vail Rec Board and the chairman of the VRD should have known that and made a huge mistake.Paying for privilegeI’m just reading the Tipsling regarding “After me” about ski instructors waiting in the ski school line and mixing in with people that have been waiting 20 minutes. The reason that we can jump in is because the people that are skiing with us are paying more money than the people who aren’t. If you’re in a private lesson, you’re paying $600, and part of your perk for paying $600 for a private lesson is being able to not have a lift line as long as everyone else. That’s why.Vail, Colorado

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