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Thanks for forumI’d like to thank the Vail Daily again for Tipsline. They’re one of the few newspapers brave enough to extend their First Amendment privileges to the rest of us.Close to homeIt’s pretty obvious that the new CEO for Vail Resorts wants to move the business, not because it’s better for the business, but because it’s closer to home, and for anyone to think otherwise is just pure naivety. In my opinion, Vail Resorts is once again, as always, treating its employees as second-class citizens at the interest and whim of it’s management. I’m stunned that anyone could possibly believe that it’s for the sake of the business that it’s being potentially moved to Louisville or Broomfield. I can’t see that as an advantage to anyone but Rob Katz.Achievement gapSo glad to see Arn at the community forum the other night about closing the achievement gap. Where were the other commissioners? Where was most of Eagle County? This is a crisis, people, and together we’ve got to do something about it. Get informed. Get involved.Not the same This is Steve from Vail. I got a comment for the guy who’s saying he’s tired of people that are whining because he has to stand outside and smoke and he’s comparing it to the smelly diesel. I think he should do his homework. Diesel smoke doesn’t cause cancer, it doesn’t cause premature birth weight, it doesn’t cost hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in health care. Diesel fuel is not the cleanest burning, but it’s not near as bad as any cigarette I’ve ever smoked. So tell these smokers to pull their heads out of their cigarette butts and get the facts before they start knocking on other people. Apples, orangesI see that my friend, Vail Daily editor Don Rogers, is once again promoting a pay raise for public school teachers, and the last time I checked, his lovely wife worked for the school district. I just think that if he’s going to do that in a column, he ought to at least print a disclosure that says his wife works for the school district. This is Michael Cacioppo, just trying to keep everybody informed.Editor’s note: Rogers’ wife is a nurse, not a teacher, and Rogers’ views about teachers predate her employment. Ending price gougingOnce you got to the Costco news in the Daily today, I believe that it is a great opportunity to once and for all have an economic impact on, among other things, the gas costs in the valley. For the current price gouging going on in Vail Valley is one of supply and demand, and I’m sure that Costco will put pressure by lowering costs which now in Denver are 20-30 cents a gallon cheaper at Costco than at ay other retail gas station in the Denver area. So finally we will have the opportunity to balance the monopoly that the gas businesses in the valley have.Vail, Colorado

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