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Lightly amusedFriday, March 17th, I have to rebuttal against the local comment today about the lights out on the East Vail off ramp. I’m just absolutely amused. You should be embarrassed. You call yourself a local, but you almost crashed getting off the exit ramp. Do you not have headlights on your car for crying out loud? Seriously, there’s far more important things to complain about in this valley than street lights being out. You have headlights on your car that illuminate the road in front of you. CapitalismThere’s only one reason why gas stations in Eagle County continue to charge 30, 40, 50 cents a gallon more than anyplace in the state for gasoline. It’s because they can.Polite smokerAs a smoker, I’m a polite one, and I still strip my cigarette butts and put them in my pocket until I can find a trash can, but I’m getting real tired of finding everybody else’s cigarette butts out on the ground, giving me a bad name. So those of you smokers out there, strip your cigarette butts, find an ashtray and throw them away. Then maybe they’ll have one less thing to complain about, about our smoking.St. Paddy’s RIPToday is St. Patrick’s Day. I want to remind all the locals about how much fun the Ravino’s party was. Chi-Bear and Red Bob Nelson, may they rest in peace. Thank you.Low payI was on the mountain, and I’m not from anywhere out here, and I was talking to a (trail) groomer), and he mentioned the fact that he only gets paid about $10 an hour. That’s unreal, because it’s the best groomed mountain on the planet. I can’t believe you guys don’t pay these guys more, and I don’t know who your CEO is, but you might want to mention that to him, because your guys groom so well it’s unreal.Days of yoreThis is a message to all the idiots complaining about street lights and the dark. In 1990, there were no street lights, there were no intersections, there was no Wal-Mart. All you guys need to go move to a big, huge city where it’s nice and warm, and quit complaining.Smell testSpeaking of the smell test that Gary Lindstrom refers to in his article in the Vail Daily, the trade of land, five acres, going to Vail Resorts right on the ski slopes for public land near the Forest Service and other places, using a value of only $5 million, also does not pass the smell test. One single lot on Forest Road is selling for over $8 million, and a $5 million price for the five acres that will benefit primarily Vail Resorts and the Lodge at Vail, also owned by Vail Resorts, just doesn’t pass the smell test. The appraisal should be looked at carefully, and updated and redone.Vail, Colorado

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