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Big tipperI’m a local working stiff who just got tipped $50 at Beaver Creek for a job that they paid me for, and I just wanted to say thank you to the incredibly generous tourists who visit here. I was super tired, working my second job, and feeling a bit sorry for myself, and these wonderful tourists opened up their wallet and tipped me, and it’s been a long ski season, and boy was that tip greatly appreciated. So thank you to the wealthy tourists who visit and help support us so that we can live in this beautiful place that we live in. Just thought we all need to hear a positive note once in a while in Tipsline.Airport needs helpHey. This is for Mr. Arn Menconi, our commissioner, also the President of ECAT, our airport, and an apparent social capitalist. Please, Arn, if you could, take some of our capital and apply it to this airport. Trying to fly out, can’t get a cup of coffee, can’t get anything. This place needs help. Please, somebody, help. Good girls’ soccerHey Vail Daily. I’m proud of our women soccer team from Battle Mountain H.S. and their great game against Steamboat, holding the Steamboat Sailors to a 1-1 tie on Saturday, but not 24 hours had gone by and their accomplishment was featured on the front page of the Daily, and that’s wonderful. On the other hand, today is Monday, March 20th, and I have been looking in the Daily for a week and a half, every day, and have yet to see even a mention of our super hotshot pro-start chefs, who a week and a half ago won the state competition. That’s right. The four Battle Mountain student chefs are the state champions. They will be competing in the national competition April 30 through May 2. So come on, Vail Daily, your reporter got the facts. Where’s that well-deserved story? This is Maria Minick. Editor’s note: The story ran in the March 21 edition.Attempt at humorThis is in regard to the “too much Christmas.” I’m the one that started this. Had Tipsline printed everything I said, you would realize that I made a lame attempt at humor. As I said, the last time the residents of the cemetery were upset, they rolled over in their, well you know the expression, and they triggered an earthquake which broke some of my favorite martini glasses. Okay, not very funny. A call to Tipsline is not going to solve problems such as world hunger, or drugs in school, but it can help solve irritating local problems. Yes, the dog people do keep their property nice, as I do mine, and yes, their Christmas lights were on 24/7 for a month until just a few days before the Tipsline was printed, and yes, someone besides me needs to question the Town of Gypsum code non-enforcement people on why they don’t make the town residents clean up their property on Ghetto Street. Oops! Did I say Ghetto Street? I meant to say Eagle Street. I bet you will see the same results as if you were trying to end world hunger.Negative energyThis Glen Harakal needs to channel his negative energy into something positive. Just imagine the change he could make in the world if all that effort was being put into something good.Vail, ColoradoVail, Colorado

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