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Really meanThis is a tip for the free buses. If somebody is standing on the corner and the bus is stopped at the corner and it’s not an official bus stop and it’s blizzarding out and somebody wants to get on the bus, I just think it’s really, really mean to not let that person on. It’s not like there was any traffic. I just don’t understand why she wouldn’t let me on the bus. I mean the bus wasn’t full. Why couldn’t she just open the door and let me get in? I can’t understand it. I think it was really mean. It was bus No. 151.Last one; pass a lawTo the residents of Minturn. When you vote, you have a chance to put the Eagle County smoking ban in effect in Minturn. My family and I were at a restaurant in Minturn, the only one that allows smoking, and the bar area was almost unbearable. When we asked about the smoking ban, the bartender, who had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth while working, laughed, and said that restaurant in Minturn is the only place that you can smoke … . Well, I know my family won’t be going back, and the owners of that restaurant really should consider banning smoking because it is bad for their business and it is bad for the family environment. Please pass the smoking ban and make the decision for them.Scorns communityVail Resorts is turning in a direction that is no longer representative of who I am as a person or who I choose to align myself with as an organization. The new top three might be surprised that not everyone’s life goals are huge salaries, bonuses and stock options, especially when they come at the expense of so many who actually make the resort and guest experiences what it is. As for the corporate move to Denver metro, good night and good luck.Cable down; temper upAre there any other CenturyTel cable Internet customers out there who are as upset as I am that our Internet cable has been down for two weeks now? They keep saying they’re trying to find the problem, but can’t. They have a monopoly on high-speed Internet in the area, and it’s time we all revolt and demand better service! Great jobI’d just like to compliment everybody who has respected the school zone speed limit past Avon Elementary. That seems to be working well. On a vaguely related note, I would like to say they really are doing a great job at Avon Elementary, particularly with all the at-risk situations. I’m a former school teacher, taught special ed, bilingual, fluent in Spanish, and there’s so much that simple test results, especially tests like CSAP and some of the performance measures, may be measured accurately, but fail to show learning in other areas, or even the same area.Vail, Colorado

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