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Crossroads: Live with itThis is in response to the issues at Crossroads. It seems like this has been beaten to a pulp, over and over, and at some point the Vail Village Homeowners Assoc. should realize that the community has spoken in the way of the votes that we’re putting the council members up that we have right this moment. If they decide to pass this, the Vail Village Homeowners Assoc. should swallow it and step aside.Where’s Amanda?Amanda, I misplaced your phone number. Would love to talk with you. Contact Scott, 970-328-3816. Thank you, Tipsline.Semi safetyThis is Vanessa in Eagle-Vail, and I was calling regarding semi trucks going through Dowd Junction. I wondered if anybody had ever considered that perhaps they should go through Dowd Junction on the right hand side of the road instead of being allowed to pass as is the rule in the canyon going down to Glenwood? Maybe it would help avoid some of these accidents that we seem to have on a very frequent occasion. That’s my tip.Moronic lawsThis is in response to the moronic laws. The smoking ban is moronic. If these people want to kill themselves with cigarettes, that’s their own problem. Don’t bring me into it. If you want to blow six bucks on a pack of coffin nails that will kill you slowly but surely, and you know they do, that’s your prerogative. I would prefer it if you are so depressed that you need to smoke cigarettes, why not just shoot yourself now and get it over with. Smoking is for morons only. See ya.Wait your turnI’m just reading the response to “after me” about the ski instructors mixing in with people that have been waiting 20 minutes, and the person says it’s part of the perks to be able to cut in line when you’re paying $600. I think that’s a ridiculous response. Why don’t we just have people pay extra money and have a lift pass and they don’t have to stand there with the blue coats cutting in? I think people need to wait their turn whether they’re in a blue coat or not. What about all the blue coats that just wear their blue coats when they’re taking their family or their buddy up so they don’t have to wait in line? Like I said before, you can certainly mix in, right after me. Appreciate it.Antiques v. piesThis letter is for Bill Burnett who stated at the Minturn Council meeting that there were too many antique stores in Minturn and maybe we need a doughnut/pie shop. Let me say that we only have two antique shops, who obviously would generate more sales tax to the town than any pie or doughnut shop. There are only a few shops open in Minturn, so be thankful for our hard work, regular hours, and some place for tourists to shop. Frankly, more antique stores would bring more business than any doughnut or pie shop. Tourists can buy doughnuts and pies anywhere, but where can they see true Western homestead antiques? Minturn. Thank you. Rebecca Calendar, Antique Accents.Giant developmentPay attention. Your neighborhood could be the next one affected. With the approval of Crossroads, with its height and bulk, it has set a precedent for all areas in the Town of Vail. The next redevelopment that is being targeted in the same way, height and bulk, is the Roost Lodge. This will now probably be approved by the Vail Town Council. Remember, massiveness equals dollars to the developer. Be aware that the Town of Vail is ripe for redevelopment, and your neighborhood could be the next to encounter this greedy, giant concept.Butt-headsI’m just calling in regards to the guy who called in about the smoking ban. You just gave 150 reasons why we should support the non-smoking act in public places. Pick up your butts, you butt.Bummed at the Beav’Recently we had a very disappointing experience at a well-known restaurant at Beaver Creekn. The service was non-existent, our food was delayed, then forgotten, and the wait staff was mostly absent. We had to get our own silverware, pitcher of water and napkins, and half of our order never appeared after one-and-a-half hours of waiting. We paid our bill, but did not tip. The young man who was our waiter very rudely pointed out that we had “forgotten something.” I would like to say to all wait staff in the industry, if your service is poor, you do not get tipped. It’s not our problem that you don’t get paid. Maybe lack of pay will make you a better waiter. This is just the way it’s going to be, so deal with it.Vanishing localsWhat is a temporary seasonal employee? An enthusiastic young adult or retiree who has invested a considerable amount of money to come to Vail to work and play. Their pay scale is at the entry level, with no insurance benefits, no paid holidays, no vacation pay, no salary increases, and maybe a meager end-of-season bonus. When the ski season ends, they go home, and the corporation is a happy camper. Profits are up, labor costs are down. And what about the long time local employee with roots in the community? He doesn’t live here anymore.Nordic groomingMy kids and I are Nordic skiers, and I’m just curious as to why the Vail Rec. District has discontinued grooming the Nordic track so early this year. With the mountain snow we received this winter, I expect great spring skiing conditions throughout March and into April. I would just appreciate an explanation as to why the VRD quit grooming so early, and doesn’t seem to take Nordic skiing seriously. What’s going on around here?Vail, Colorado

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