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This is for the poor guy who can’t get a Vail library card. The guy should definitely be allowed to have a library card, and the Gin Blossoms rock.

Good morning, Tipsline. Just an observation. There’s been some things about Dick Cheney in Tipsline, and I would just like to see in print the fact that Dick Cheney’s weapons have killed less people than Ted Kennedy’s car, and I would feel a lot safer going hunting with him than riding with Ted Kennedy. Thank you very much.

I read Ron Wolfe’s editorial in the paper today, I was so relieved to realize that the Town of Avon is not building a parking structure for Vail Associates or East West Partners on the north side of the rec center in Avon. There’s no need for us to be subsidizing their parking, nor are they going to build a main street to eliminate the only pedestrian area in Avon that actually functions, between the Seasons Bldg. and the Avon Center. Thank God. For a $500 million project, like they said in the paper, East West is only paying $23 million and the Town of Avon’s only subsidizing it by $3-1/2 million. My goodness, there’s some big profits to be made there. Thank God we’re not subsidizing them by eliminating our pedestrian areas or subsidizing them with a parking structure. Thank you.

Does anybody know when Glen Harakal became Mike Cacioppo’s brother? Just curious.

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