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AgendasInteresting that of the three votes against Crossroads from the Town Council, the first one, Foley, insinuated prior to running that he was for Crossroads, but he changes his opinion with the wind. The second, Slifer, now that he’s made his money by building in the valley, is against other businesses growing and flourishing. And the third, Logan, who’s lived in our valley for only a few years can’t seem to get that he really knows very little about the way real people live and do business. I think he should go serve on Denver’s Town Council, you now, the city where he willed his $60 million, and quit trying to be a part of our beautiful Town of Vail. Unfortunately for Vail, some of the citizens who have the money and time to sit on the council don’t have the brains or the heart to do what’s right for the real people who work and live in our valley. Congratulations and thank you to Moffet, Gordon, Hitt and Newberry. Can’t wait for the next election to get rid of Logan and Slifer.Go SOS!My name is Steve. I’m calling to say SOS rocks. They take care of their kids, they take care of the community, and they do the right thing.Hurray for FayeKudos goes to Faye that works at Starbucks in the Austria Haus in Vail. Sunday morning she’s working by herself, waiting for help to come, great attitude, long lines, still friendly, still nice, terrific person, so hurray for Faye.Danger to selvesHere’s a tip for all you dummies going out to East Vail mushrooms with no equipment and all and don’t know what you’re doing. You need to stay out of there before someone gets seriously hurt.Setting it straightMy name is Sandra Allen. I’m the former owner of the Eagle-Vail Café and I keep reading in Tipsline that local gas stations charge 30, 40 or 50 cents because they can. Well it’s time somebody neutral set them straight. It is the distributors in Denver surcharging the local gas station owners 50 cents per gallon for coming down the Vail Pass. It is not the local gas station owners, and I think it’s high time that the public should acknowledge that the local gas station owners are just trying to make a living up here like everyone else, and are not surcharging.East Vail off-ramps This is a tip for the nosy person responding March 26th about the East Vail off ramps being out. You obviously missed my point. How many people need to die or be in an accident in that particular area before something is done?Likes BraunholtzI just wanted to respond and say that I very much enjoy Mr. Braunholtz’s columns. … I enjoyed his global arming column. Stuff itTo the guy complaining about the Vail Golf Course manager going to help out the Hurricane Katrina golf courses. Maybe you should just be glad someone’s thinking about someone besides themselves.Lights outEast Vail lights are out. So turn ’em on. Vail, Colorado

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