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Just frustratedRegarding Glenn Harakal being a negative person, I just had to call in, because I’ve known Glenn for over 10 years, and he is so far from being a negative person it’s just unbelievable. What he is is a frustrated parent. He spent years trying to make changes at the Eagle Valley Middle School because they haven’t met the needs of his kids. He’s gone to the teachers, the principal, two superintendents, and the school board, and nobody’s responded. He’s had to get outside help for his kids, and I can’t blame him for being frustrated. He’s a good man who’s trying to make changes, and we have a very unresponsive school board. They’ve ignored my request for change, too. So to all you people who just now woke up to the fact that there’s problems over there, sorry it seems negative, been trying for year to change things and it’s not happening, and there’s kids suffering for it, and now our specials are going to be gone, no more art next year, we’re down to one day a week on other specials, it’s ridiculous. What kind of well-rounded students are they putting out? They’re not.Stolen signThe owners of JB’s in Minturn were disheartened to find our restaurant sign had been stolen in the middle of the night March 23. Operating in a trustworthy and friendly community like Minturn, we are shocked and disappointed that this would happen. If anyone has clues to the whereabouts of the sign, or who might have uprooted it, please call 827-9027 or the local police department at 827-4272. Thank you.Vail, Colorado

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