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Likes CostcoWhy is everybody complaining about the Costco coming in? I think it’s great. Then you don’t have to drive down to Denver to get a lot of the bulk foods that you need to buy. I go down to Denver to buy some of the stuff and I still shop here at the City Market or Home Depot or Wal-Mart. Get a life and quit your complaining.TrashyMy son and I come from Gypsum every single morning to Avon and he’s 15-year-old and he’s the one who commented on how bad I-70 looks with all the trash. Apparently people who go to the dump don’t cover their loads or something, because you see things from insulation to paint buckets. It just looks really bad, and I would like to start a group if I could of young kids ages 12-16 who would be interested in coming out and cleaning up the highway. If anyone’s interested they can call Josie or Phil at 524-0775 and we’ll get together and see if we can get at least some of it cleaned up. Pay upBuses are not taxes, buses are not limousines. You want special service, sorry, but you’re going to have to pay for it. Why didn’t we let you on the bus? Could it be because you dropped the f-bomb, left your wrappers on the seat, spilled our drink on the floor, puked on the driver. Just a few of the things that drivers suffer on a free, free bus. … Vail, Colorado

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