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Financial adviceIn case you’re wondering what to do with that $7.7 million dollars that you all collected for the conference center? Well how about giving some of it to these businesses that are going under? That would be a nice gesture on your part, and speaking of gas station ripoffs, how about (a local lube joint) charging $75 for an oil change for a regular vehicle and air filter that we could have bought at Wal-Mart for $30 total, oil change and filter. Now if that isn’t a ripoff, I’d like to know what is. Well, I just can’t wait to get out of here. This is Ripoff Valley. Already votedWhat a waste of time for the Vail residents to ask the voters to make the ultimate decision on the Crossroads building. I think the voters already voted last fall when they voted Donovan and Cleveland out of their respective spots on the Vail Town Council. The voters have already spoken, and they’re just going to speak again. We want the Crossroads development.Spring conditionsThe Vail Mountain safety tip of the week. Welcome to springtime in the Rockies. You will encounter many different types of weather. In case of a thunderstorm, please ski or ride off ridgelines and head inside until the storm passes. The lifts will close during this time, and reopen as soon as the storm has cleared the area.Just stop itI’m sick of Kaye Ferry saying Vail is not a town. I grew up in that town, since 1969. …We want WestRight on, Austin Richardson. Your commentary on the 29th is the best thing I’ve read in this newspaper in years. It’s exactly what’s wrong with this place. If these people want all this, let them move back where they came from. The rest of us moved here for the West.Barking back… Stop letting your Saint Bernards out at 6 o’clock in the morning and just letting them bark for an hour and a half when people are trying to sleep. It’s ridiculous.Vail, Colorado

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