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Little of eachVail’s got a terminal identity crisis. It can’t decide whether it wants to be Grizzly Adams, and be the mountain, or it wants to be Donald Trump and be the village. Unfortunately there’s no way to blur the line. It’s a little bit too extreme, so good luck, and put it all together.Another destinationSure do love the plans for the new gondola. I just think that it’s facing the wrong direction. It should be going to Buffalo Ridge instead, since there’s no bus service to Buffalo Ridge, the employee housing that the Avon taxpayers helped build. Since we’re helping to build the gondola, I think it’s only right to make the gondola go up to Buffalo Ridge and pick up the people at the employee housing.Right on, MattJust wanted to thank Matt Zalaznick for his column, “Bush and the quagmire touch.” Right on, Matt. Thank you for your clear voice.Cleanup crewsFirst of all, I want to send out a big high five to the town of Vail Public Works crew for doing such a great job and cleaning up the medians along I-70 here in Vail. Thanks for making our stretch of highway look clean and presentable. Unfortunately it makes the drive between Vail and Edwards look pretty disgusting. The trash and animal carcasses are starting to appear from underneath the melting snow, and it’s not a pretty sight. I know we do the community cleanup event, but rather than wait until May and hope to get volunteers, why not get some of the inmates from the Eagle County Jail out there now to clean up our county. From what I understand, the jail is full, so there should be plenty of helpers in there. I’m sure they’d welcome the fresh air and sunshine and we’d get our beautiful valley back. Thanks for listening.Rock onI just want to say thank you to the Eagle for playing better music recently. Thank God there’s someone playing good music up here.Tipsline328-TIPSCompiled by Daily staffLet them come tooThis is to the management of Beaver Creek. Will you please allow your non-VR employees who also work up in the village for you to come to your Splash Down at the end of the year. That would be awesome. Not Minturn yetThis is in response to Ryan of the Ginn Company saying they’re primarily concerned with Minturn residents, not the Friends of Battle Mountain. … Last time I checked, this property was still in unincorporated Eagle County, not Minturn, yet. Since this property abuts and surrounds Red Cliff, one wonders why they’re not looking to incorporate there, not in Minturn, which is miles away. I hope the Ginn Company will show the same concern for its Red Cliff and Eagle County residents as it does with Minturn.Bring your scooperI was just calling to leave a tip to the dog owners of the Vail Valley. it is not appropriate for pet owners to walk their dogs in folks’ neighborhoods and let their dogs wander into people’s yards and use the restroom in people’s yards. It’s important to keep them on the sidewalk or the street.Vail, Colorado

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