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Old laws, new lawsI was reading about and listening to television conversations about immigration and all the new laws they want to put into effect, and my question is, what good are any of these new laws if they’re not enforcing the old ones? If they don’t enforce the old ones, they’re not going to enforce the new ones. Yeah, that’s itTom DeLay is giving up his seat in Congress, but … he doesn’t say anything about the U.S. It’s all about how the Republican Party could run the country better. … Look what the price of gas is. We have oil sitting in the U.S. that’s not being sold because it’s not $60 a barrel, in Montana and Wyoming. We need to cut our ties from Arab oil. We’re not even buying our own because of the Republicans and the Texas oil people running the country.Missing sledsI wanted to put in a tip for some stolen snowmobiles. I had two snowmobiles stolen from the Eagle-Vail area near Lakota Guides belonging to a member of Vail Mountain Rescue. One was a 2005 Polaris 700RMK and the other one was a 2002 Polaris 800RMK. Both on a Yacht Club trailer. If anyone has any information leading to the finding of the sleds, please call 970-390-5843. I hope karma comes to bite these people in the behind.Vail, Colorado

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