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For whom?Who does the Forest Service represent? The people of the U.S. or the people with money? The people with money can buy anything in this country. …ExactlyExcellent column, “Immigration is not the issue.” Mr. Carnes hit it right on the head. “Illegals.” When are they going to understand “illegals”? My family came here from Europe right after WWI … and fought in WWII.My thoughts, tooI just wanted to thank Richard Carnes for his insightful column today about the illegal immigrants. It’s very hard to get people to listen. They all think you’re a depressed pessimist anytime you bring this kind of thing up, whether they’re liberals, conservatives or whatever it is. I try to say the same thing and I get nothing but stink eye from people.Show respectI believe it is important to express our opinions in a respectful way, whether the opinion is in support of or critical of an issue, an idea, or even another person. This is what I have taught my own children, and it’s what I’ve taught the children I’ve worked with at school. I believe that in exercising our freedom to express ourselves lies the responsibility and the courage to say who you are. This is Robin Santoro.Vail, Colorado

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