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Praise, sort ofMy name is Lisa. I just want to say what great condition the halfpipe was in Monday, April 3. Nice grooming, pal. Finally. Too bad it’s only a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, but keep it up.Roundabout rageI keep going around the roundabouts, when you go past Wal-Mart, and people seem to just have a tendency to want to try and hit you, so would you please pay attention to the yield signs, that would be great, and if you do hit me, I hope you have insurance.Chair talkThis is a message for the new Vail Resorts CEO. I think everybody probably agrees that with the amount of traffic here in Vail, we need Chair 5 and Chair 17, High Noon and Yonder, to be replaced. They do not have the capacity. I’m not going to stand in line for a half an hour if I’m paying these exorbitant prices. So get it together, get into the 21st century, modernize. Make this a truly No. 1 ski area.Too many copsGood morning. It’s 9:30 in the morning and a Eagle County sheriff’s deputy is parked on the Beaver Creek recreation path. I’m trying to find out what this guy’s doing. What do you think he’s doing? Is he cleaning up the derelict and crime-ridden Beaver Creek area? Is he trying to catch speeders on the notorious Beaver Creek speedway? Get a clue, people. This is just another example of too many cops in this town with nothing better to do. …LitteringI was snow hoeing above Beaver Creek yesterday and noticed snowmobile tracks going into the Hoy Cross wilderness, right past the wilderness boundary sign. Can’t the ski patrol pick up the toboggan stored up there? …Tough lessonI’m calling to comment on the accident on Highway 6 in which a young woman lost her life. The quote in the paper said speed and inattentive driving caused the accident. That describes 70 percent of the people on the road. It’s a tragic wake-up call for everyone that drives too fast, while talking on the phone, fiddling with their ipod, putting on their makeup, you name it. Ask yourself, is this worth risking your life for, or worse, taking someone else’s? My heart goes out to the woman’s family, and to the driver.Hey, pay up!This is Josh. Will the group of 10 people from Michigan and Texas who ate on Garfinkels’ deck (recently) please come back and pay your $100 tab. Thanks.Vail, Colorado

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