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Cleanup timeI’m calling from Gypsum and I wanted to comment on the mother and son driving up to Avon every day about the trashy interstate and remind them that the community does do a highway cleanup every year, and maybe they can help out with that, and I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind people that have businesses to speak to their employees about making sure things are tied down and placed properly in the back of open pickups so a lot of this stuff can be controlled, and it’s very unnecessary when these people are just tossing things in the back of their pickup trucks and then taking off on the interstate and don’t even have a clue that they’re flying out of the back of them. Thanks. Have a great day.Gaper be-goneSo here we are, coming to the close of yet another ski season. Another season I have had to endure listening to the relentless use of the term “gaper.” I have one of many pieces of advice for the lot of you that are so proud of yourselves for being locals. You would not be able to live, work and ski here using your free ski pass if it were not for the people that bring their money here, and yes, it is true that Vail is not a real town. It truly is a resort town, and if you were under the impression that it is a real town, then how have you contributed to your community other than working and skiing? It’s high time, kids, that you all utilize your innate ability to mature and stop bagging on the people who support your lifestyle. Realize that the world out there is much, much bigger with much more important issues than the ones you all focus on in your perfect little bubble.Elitist library?This is in regards to the library loser Tipsline. It’s in response to the guy who could not obtain a library card from the Vail Public Library. I know a few other people that have also been denied and I think their elitist policy is ridiculous. I mean seriously. You’re a public library, not a Fortune 500 company. Membership shouldn’t be that hard. How about we give back to the locals and hang up the resort concept when it comes to library membership. I think the library manager and the assistant town manager should really sit down and have a meeting and conclude that their current policies are out of control. Come on, lighten up, Vail.Vail, Colorado

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