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Making me dizzyTo the person who wrote in about the roundabouts, I think you’re confused. If you’re in the far righthand lane, that’s not only for the first righthand turn, but for the second, as well. … If you’re in the center lane and you’re going straight, then somebody from the next entrance can make a righthand turn and boom, collision. So I think what a lot of people don’t understand is that the righthand lane is not just for the first entrance, but also for the second. The inside lane is for the other two, if you’re going to the third entrance or all the way around. …Inside outTo the lady who called and complained to my boss that I cut her off in the roundabout, the person in the roundabout has the right of way, and if you pull into the roundabout, and you’re driving right alongside that person, the person on the inside lane has the right of way.Statue vs. busI know how to pay for bus service throughout Avon, even East Avon. If you want a bust of your head out on the roundabout, you have to pay rental for it, and that goes for bus service. If you’re part of the problem, you might as well pay for it.Headed outDear Tipsline. I love you. I’ll miss you when I depart. …Vail, Colorado

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