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Eliminating I-70 Mr. Lamont and his association have the best smoke-and-mirror show since the Iranians said they are not building a nuclear weapon. We have a billion Muslims who want to destroy our great country and all they care about is the traffic that goes past their homes on the golf course. They have the most valuable real estate in the county and have the cajones to think that everybody else should pay for their folly. Can’t wait for chapter two of this fairy tale.There’s a wayIf the illegal immigrants want to be legal, all they have to do is go through the paper process, just like all the rest of all the illegal immigrants have to do. When all of the people that came from England and Spain and everything, they had to go through a process, and they put their two cents in by writing their name down and putting everything down and then they were immigrants to the United States. So just put your name down, and do it legally. Had your chanceHey, concerning Crossroads in Vail and whatever else all these old folks have been yammering about, yes, I’ve been here 20 years too. You know what? Waaah, waah, waah. If you didn’t get yours by now, too bad. …Great jobOn behalf of everyone that rides Vail’s halfpipe, I would like to give thoughts to Mike for an excellent job.Vail, Colorado

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