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Criminals to meI’m upset with the cover of the recent paper with the illegal immigrants saying, “Workers, no criminals.” If they are in the U.S. illegally, they are criminals. According to the dictionary, a criminal is one who is guilty of a crime. …Where the money isI just read the Richard Carnes column, “Forget the soul, it’s the heart.” You did a great job. One thought I had was when you really think about Katz’s decision to move to Broomfield, if you take the same logic, really Katz and his family ought to move back to Manhattan and do the job out of there, because the same logic applies. He needs to get next to the money, and that’s where the money is.Can’t find workI’m calling about Don Rogers’ Quick Takes about what’s the fuss about the illegals. I just want to stress and emphasize wholeheartedly to Matt Zalaznick, Kaye Ferry and Don Rogers: If you had to look for a job in this Godforsaken place, you would see how bad the plight is of the everyday worker. If you came into this town, and you’re not an established citizen in this community, if you saw how people were treated, they treat me, a 50-year-old professional, like I’m an illegal immigrant and I can hit the highway. I get no respect, I get rejected from jobs I shouldn’t even be applying for. This is just the most impossible place to work. …Unbelievable!The Wednesday, April 12 edition, on Page A4, the article about the kid taking his custody into his own hands: It reads that “she worked outside the home, allegedly leaving he and his 9-year-old sister home alone.” Now that is unbelievable that somebody is so afraid to use an objective pronoun that they put “leaving he.” It should be “leaving him.” Where do you get your reporters? Have they been educated at all?One version, anywayNow we’re up to five U.S. generals who want Rumsfeld out of the Pentagon. … Say, how many of you Bushies and neo-cons, chicken hawks and Limbaugh fans and other cowards want to call this guy a typical liberal defeatist. How many of you can still support the way the Iraq war is going, and our joke of a president and his band of criminals who are destroying America. You know I’m having a really good time laughing at all you Bush people squirm. Too bad it’s at the expense of ruining what was once a great country. It’s time to come back to reality, people.Vail, Colorado

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