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Vibrant halfpipeI just wanted to give a shout out to Mike Bryson and the boys at the Vail Park Crew. After a shaky start, Mike has taken the halfpipe and brought it back to life, just in time for spring, and those of you who know me know that I know my halfpipe, and this is the best halfpipe I’ve seen at Vail in years. If you see Mike, Vail, or Sam up in the park, give them a high five, because I know what kind of effort went into what they’re doing. Thanks, Mike. Thanks, guys. By the way, my name is Jason Kendall.R-E-S-P-E-C-TThis is for the people with the St. Bernards: Have a little respect for your neighbors and stop letting your dogs out at 6 o’clock in the morning and letting them bark for three hours. Thanks a lot.Stay alertHey everybody. With gas prices getting higher and higher, watch your gas receipts. Mine was wrong. Thank you.Need a real copThis is to all the speeders and the southside runners in the Matterhorn area. Please, instead of putting a dummy cop out, please put a real one out and catch some of these people. Thanks.Down with billboardsThis is Doug Sarvis. The Wolcott billboards made a pleasant and huge sound the other week. I hope it was loud enough to wake up the Eagle County Code Enforcement Dept. Here’s my tip. Keep America beautiful. No more billboards in Wolcott.Gaper reduxIn response to “gaper be gone,” you are the reason for the term gaper. Everything you quoted emulates the definition of gaper. You have no idea about the real local community, and you will never be connected with an attitude like this. Thanks.More gapersIn response to the “gaper be gone” article, all of us in the Vail Valley thank the author for patronizing our beautiful valley, or maybe I should be thanking him for patronizing our locals. For those of you who don’t know the difference, look it up. Too bad most of us don’t live or work in Vail, don’t consider ourselves kids at 30 plus, and will always use the term gaper, which by the way is a universal term for the ski industry. Way to keep it real for the worldwide gaper society. Too bad you have no clue why we call you that name.Up with VailI had a really great time skiing this Easter weekend at Vail. All the people were amazing. I just want to thank everyone for their kindness and charity in support of the local community. I really felt like I belonged. I had a great time, with great parties. I have a sunburn on my forehead between where my goggles and my helmet were located, but I think that’s a small price to pay for having such a great time with such great people.Lawless wondersI liked your article about the new rules, “make private auto sales more difficult” because I wasn’t aware of, but then again, a certain group that’s completely illegal in this country has a problem with it. I mean they’re a lawless community. The border is beyond their realm of thinking. They feel they don’t have to comply with any laws set by the state or the U.S. government, and it’s really, really pathetic. I and you and everybody else out there that is a U.S. citizen know their rules and their laws to follow, and if we break the law, there are consequences at the end of the road. But for these people, because we need them so bad, they don’t have to fall within the law? This is so absolutely out of control, asinine, incomprehensible, the list goes on and on.Gaper, definedThis is for the “gaper be gone” guy. A gaper, by definition, is a guest with arrogance, who is pessimistic, egocentric and just plain rude. If you said that a lot this season, well you know, if the shoe fits. I’m not sure where he gets off or where he’s giving out the free money, but he can come and work my two jobs and pay nearly $1,000 for a merchant pass any day of the week. It’s high time he stops blowing off kids and realizes that if it wasn’t for most of us that aren’t even from here, so we’re not living in a bubble, we come from outside the real world, maybe he should switch places for us with a season. I’m sure he won’t read this anyway, because he probably left his second home for the season and he’ll be back in the summertime. Just makes me so mad.Creative writingMr. Lamont is blowing smoke as usual: $2.4 billion just to satisfy the selfish needs of the golf course homeowners. My, my, they must pay him the big bucks for all that imaginative writing. Can’t wait for installment number four.Noisy TOV’ersEaster Sunday morning. How much money is it costing the taxpayers for two employees of the Town of Vail to power rake and make noise up here in West Vail at the park?Trash dummiesWe’re over at the landfill, getting rid of all our leaves and stuff we got out of the flower garden today, and these lazy asses come over here with their garbage bags full of grass cuttings, and they leave their stupid plastic bags here. Pretty soon they’re going to shut this thing down, and nobody’s going to get to use it, because you’re not supposed to leave any trash over here.Live with I-70I’m calling in reference to the tunnel versus change in the Vail I-70 corridor. The interstate has been here longer than most of the people have been here, and they knew the interstate was here, so they need to realize that the money can be spent better elsewhere other than trying to improve their life. If they don’t like the interstate there, they can move.Runway bluesI just passed the airport construction zone. It’s sad that they’re tearing down the mountains behind it to make a runway. More pollution, more tourists, more jet noise, lawsuits against them for noise violations. Hey, it happened in Denver, it could happen here, and as soon as somebody finds an attorney to handle one, I’ll be giving my name. The commissioners who’d rather let these airlines in, how would they like to buy my house?Get a clueGreat news for real bicyclists. The recreation path east and west from Dowd Junction has been swept, sealed, and the gates are open. Anybody who rides on Route 24/6 from Dowd Junction to River Run, or on the north side of the South Frontage Rd. in West Vail, is either an idiot or is trolling. If the latter, wear your speedos, instead of bike shorts, and we will all know what you are.Use your signalThis is about the roundabout thing going on. All you have to do is turn your signal on. It helps a lot. It’s not foolproof, but it will help get you through the day.

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